Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Majority Of Pregnant Mothers In Government Clinics Avoid Taking Full Iron Tablet Course-Dr.Renuka Jayathissa

Image result for anemiaAccording to a latest survey carriedout by the Ministry Of Health,Nutrition and Indeginous Medicine around 73% of the pregnant mothers who are  attending government hospital maternity clinics avoid consuming 90 tablet Iron Course (Folic Acid) issued free of charge through the clinics in view of preventing Anemia among mothers and new born infants.

Only 27% of the pregnant mothers are  reported as consuming full Iron Tablet Course according to Nutritionist and community physician attached to Medical Research Institute in Colombo Dr.Renuka Jayathissa.

Due to this situation Anemia among pregnant mothers and new born infants in Sri Lanks are on the increase she has stressed.

Addressing a Media Seminar titled "Nutrition in first thousand days of life" held in Health Educatiin Bureau in Colombo  yesterday(13) Dr.jayathissa has stressed that the main cause behind the majority of pregnant mothers avoid essential Iron Tablet Course is lack of awareness among them on the drug course.


A Heavy Traffic Had Been Reported For Several Hours In High Leval And Baseline Roads In Colombo This Eve

A heavy traffic had been reported in high leval and baseline roads in Colombo for several hours this evening due to a container truck meeting with an accident at kirulapana (In Colombo) area .

The container truck had met with the accident due to a wheel of it had got dismantled it has been reported.

The police have advised the motorists to use alternative routes during the traffic.

Around 37 Elephants Have Died During Last Six Months In North Western And Anuradhapura Wild Life Zones

Around 37  elephants have died during last six months in  North western and Anuradhapuura wild life zones according to wild life department.

Out of this number 18 elephants had died due to hakka patas,poisoning and electrocution while  15 elephants had been killed due to gun shot and trap gun shot injuries the Wild Life Department has stated.

Lightning had strucked another 04 elephants it has been reported.


South Korean Government Has Decided To Grant US Dollars 300 Million Loan To Sri Lanka

The South korean government has decided to grant a sum of US Dollars 300 million loan for Sri Lanka to utilize for several development projects here.

This loan should be repaid within  40 year period with a 10 year concessionary period it has been reported.

The secretary to the Ministry Of Finance Dr.r.s.s samarathunge and korean Ambassador to Sri Lanka won sam wan had signed the agreement regarding the loan recently.

Government is due to utilize the loan to several development projects in tne country including developing of kandy urban transport network and field development work of ocean education according yo the finance ministry.

Colombo Fort Magistrate Has Refused To Grant Bail To Detained National Freedom Front Media Spokesman

The Colombo Fort Magistrate Court has today (13) refused to accept bail application submitted by national freedom front media spokesman Mohommad Muzammil who has been in remand since 20th of June.

While refusing to  grant bail, the Colombo Fort Magistrate has ordered to remand the
national freedom front media spokesman until 27th of this month.

Muzammil was detained on 20th of june regarding misusing of state funds.

Sri Lanka Navy Have Detained 11 Local Fishermen Whilst Illegally Fishing In Northern Seas

Image result for local fishermen illegalThe Sri Lanka Navy Personal have today(13) detained 11 local fishermen whilst engaged in illegal fishing by using banned mono filament fishing nets in the northern seas off Muddalampiddi.

The Navy have also taken into custody 08 banned mono filament nets  and 07 fiber glass  dinghies(Boats) along with the fishermen.

The detained fishermen and their equipment were handed over to the Mannar Fisheries Authorities for future course of action it has been reported.



A Heavy Traffic Reported Around Colombo Fort Railway Station Due To A Protest March Of University Students

Image result for fort railway stationA heavy traffic has been reported for several hours from Colombo Fort railway station and along the Olcott Mawatha(Road) due to a protest march organized by University Students.

The Inter University Students Federation(IUSF) has organized this protest march by demanding the immediate release of it's convener Lahiru Weerasekera who was remanded until 15th of July for violation of a court order.

Around 14 Foreign And Local Tourists Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Wasp Attack In Sigiriya

Image result for sigiriyaAround 14 persons including 08 Chinese Nationals and 06 Sri Lankans have been injured and hospitalized today(13) after Wasps attacked them whilst entrance to the historical  Sigiriya Rock.

The injured were admitted to Sigiriya and Dambulla Hospitals for treatment and their condition is reported as not serious according to sources.

A female and three children were among those hospitalized due to the Wasp Attack the sources have stated.


Florida Sets New State Daily Record On Corona Infections