Thursday, February 11, 2016


An Insurance Scheme For People Living With HIV/AIDS Virus In Sri Lanka Has Launched -UNAIDS Office In Colombo

The United Nations AIDS Programme(UNAIDS) Office in Colombo with the collaboration of Janashakthi Insurance Company has launched an Insurance Scheme for the people living with HIV/AIDS Virus in Sri Lanka yesterday(11) the first of it's kind to be launched in a South Asian Country.

 Initially this Insurance  Scheme will be targeting around 500  people living with HIV/AIDS Virus in Sri Lanka belongs to the age group 25-55 years and will expand it to other age groups later according to the UNAIDS Country Manager in Sri Lanka Dr.Dayanath Ranathunga.

Speaking to the Media at UNAIDS Office in Colombo yesterday(11) after launching the insurance scheme for people living with HIV/AIDS Virus in Sri Lanka ,Dr.Ranathunga has said this is a giant step taken to ensure that the people living with HIV will no longer  cornered from the society.

Under the Insurance Cover HIV Positives only need to pay a small amount as installment  ranging Rs.134 to Rs.275  depending on the age and the period of insurance cover will be 10 years Dr.Ranathunga has said.This Insurance Cover initially covers only an accidents he has further said.


Fisheries Trade Unions Have Agreed To Support The Banning Of Illegal Fishing Methods

The Fisheries Trade Union have agreed to support the decision taken by Ministry  Of Fisheries to ban illegal fishing methods "Laila" and Surukku" according to Ministry Sources.

During the meeting held at Minister Of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources yesterday(11) between the Minister Mahinda Amaraweera and Fisheries Trade Unions the Minister has explained that the Fish Population in Sri Lankan sea coast is rapidly decreasing due to the using of fishing methods "Laila" and Surukku.

Therefore the Fisheries Trade Unions have agreed to support the ban imposed on fishing methods "Laila" and Surukku with effect from 21st of February.


Ministry Of Provincial Councils To Implement 39 Clean Drinking Water Projects In Kidney Disease Hit Areas

The Ministry Of Provincial Councils is planning to implement 39 Water Projects to supply clean drinking water for the residents of areas where Kidney Disease is spreading at present.
The Asian Development Bank has granted Rs.7 Billion to implement this clean water projects  in five selected districts according to the Ministry.

These Water Projects will be inaugurated in three phases and the first phase will be inaugurated on 13th of February  at Welikanda Provincial Secretariat under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena.



Sri Lankan Coastal Guard Officers Have Arrested 12 Indian Fishermen While Fishing Illegally In Sri Lankan Waters

Sri Lankan Coastal Guard Officers have arrested 12 Indian Fishermen along with two Trawlers they arrived in while illegally fishing in Sri Lankan Waters off North Western Sea.

Sri Lankan Navy Officers have assisted the Coastal Guard Officers to arrest these Indian Fishermen according to reports.

The detained Indian Fishermen have been handed over to the officials of Fisheries And Aquatic Resources Department in Thalaimannar(In Northern Province).

Bribery Commission Officials Have Arrested Two Police Officers While Accepting A Bribe From A Sand Transporter

The Bribery Commission Officials have today(11)arrested two police officers attached to Ruwanwella (In Sabaragamuwa Province)Police for accepting Rs.8500 as a bribe from a Sand Transporter according to the Commission.

The two police officers an Assistant Superintendent and a Sargent have been arrested by the Bribery Commission Officials while accepting Rs.3500 out of the Rs.8500 requested from the Sand Transporter .The Sand Transporter has given Rs.5000 to the two Police Officers earlier  to continue his business without interruption it has been revealed.


Three Flights Approaching The Katunayake International Air Port Have Been Diverted To Mattala International Air Port

Three Flights approaching to  the Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Air Port this morning have been diverted to Mattala (In Hambanthota District -Southern Province) International Airport for  landing due to the heavy mist prevailed in Colombo at that time.

However those Flights have returned to Katunayake International Air Port after the situation has eased.

Two Sri Lankan Air Line Flights UL-869,UL-261 and Fly Dubai Flight have been diverted to Ma ttala Air Port due to the mist.


Additional Solicitor General Jayantha Jayasuriya Has Sworn In As New Attorney General

President's Counsel Jayantha Jayasuriya has sworn in as the 29th Attorney General of Sri Lanka before President Maithripala Sirisena at the President's House in Colombo.this morning.

The Constitutional Council  has yesterday (10) proposed the name of Attorney At Law and Additional Senior Solicitor General Jayantha Jayasuriya for the Attorney General Post .

Kaduwela Magistarte Has Further Remanded The Five Imprisoned Suspects Including Former President's Son Regarding Money Laundering

Image result for court order clip artThe Kaduwela Magistrate Court has today(11) ordered the Police to further remand the imprisoned five suspects including former president Mahinda Rajapakshe's second son Yoshitha Rajapakshe   until 25th  of February for  Money Laundering  related to Local Private Sports Channel ,Carlton Sports Network(CSN).

Accordingly the five suspects arrested and remanded on 30th of January regarding Money Laundering at CSN Channel including Yoshitha Rajapakshe,Nishantha Ranthunge and Rohan Weliwita have been remanded until 25th of February.

The bail application filed on behalf of former president's son Yoshitha has been rejected by the Magistrate it has been reported.

After long term investigations on CSN Channel the Police Financial Crimes Investigations Division has arrested the five suspects on 30th of January and after produced them before the Kaduwela Magistrate Court the suspects have been remanded for two week period until today(11).

The suspects have been charged for Money Laundering and illegally  using valuable T.V Equipment and Vehicles belongs to a state owned T.V Channel for CSN Channel.

The investigations have also revealed that former president's son Yoshitha Rajapakshe had functioned as the chairman of CSN Channel although Rohan Weliwita was named as Chairman.

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