Sunday, April 12, 2020

British Premier Boris Johnson Released From Hospital

China Reports Highest Infection Count In Weeks

"අවංක සැබෑ මිත්‍රත්වය තම මිත්‍රත්වය ගිලිහි යාමට කිසිවිටෙකත් ඉඩ නොදෙයි .අනවබෝධය අවබෝධයක් බවට පත් කිරීමටත් එකිනෙකා අතර සම්බන්ධතාවය සජීවීව පවත්වාගෙන යාමටත් සෑම විටම උත්ස්සහ දරයි "

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Fourteen Sri Lankans Brought Back To Sri Lanka Last Saturday Night Sent To A Quarantine Center At Diyathalawa

Fourteen Sri lankans  who were ĺbrought back to sri lanka whilst stranded at Airports in Singapore and Dubai on  saturday  night (11),had been sent to The quarantine center at Army camp in Diyathalawa last(12) evening (12)for a 21 day quarantine  period over corona virus .

The group comprising of ten males and four females had arrived in Diyathalawa quarantine center last evening it has been reported .They will undergo the quarantine process under the supervision of Sri lanka Army .

Police Made Every Citizen Wearing A Face Mask When Going Out Compulsory

Acting Inspector General Of Police (IGP)had yesterday (11) made every citizen wearing a  face mask when travelling in main roads and by roads compulsory in vuew of preventing the spreading of corona virus in the country .

Tbose who didnt follow this new rule would be turned back  the police headquarters has announced

All police stations throughout the island  were  informed to strictly implement ths  order .

Meanwhile soon after the anouncement of making every citizen wearing a mask wben travelling in roads many roads went empty since yesterday it has been reported .

However   still Health Authorities here not encourage citizens to wear masks at this stage and many people are seen this action of Health Ministry as  a joke .

Twrlve Corona Virus Positives Had Been Reported Today (12)-Another 02 Corona Positives Discharged From Hospital

Twelve (12)corona virus positives  had been reported from the island today (12)up to 10.30 p.m according to the Epidemeology Unit .

With these new corona virus positives the total number of Corona virus positives reported from the country so far had risen to 210 .

According to the Epidemeology Unit 147 corona virus positives are being currently treated at 03 government hospitals including Infectious Diseases Hospital at Angoda under the medical supervision .

Another 02 Corona virus positives had been discharged from the hospital today increasing the total number of Corona virus positives discharged to 56.

Up to now 07 corona deaths had been reported from Sri lanka .

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Fourteen Sri Lankan Nationals Strandad At Singapore And Dubai Airports Brought Back To Sri Lanka According To A Cabinet Decision

fourteen Sri lankans who had been
strandsd at Airports in Singapore and Dubai brought back to Sri lanka last night (11)through a special Sri lankan Airlines flight it has been revealed .

This group is due to be sent to a quarantine center for a 21 day quarantine process according to reports .

Accordingly 09 Sri lankans strandad at Airport in Singapore and 05 in Airport at Dubai were brought back to Sri lanka according to a Cabinet decision taken recently to bring back 33 Sri lankans strandad at International Airports in few countries .Another 19 remains to be arrived in  Sri lanka .

Sri lanka had already closed down its Airports to in view of controlling the spreading of Corona virus .

Navy Had Arrested 52 Prrsons In Ja-Ela Area Who Had Close Contacts With 06 Corona Positives In Ja-Ela

Sri Lanka Navy have yesterday
(11)arrested 52 persons who had close contacts with 06 corona virus positives identified in Ja ela recently and sent them to a Quarantine center for quarantine .

These 52 persons including 41 males ,06 females and 06 children had been arrested by the Navy according to the information provided by intelligence officials .

A corona virus patient had been identified from Ja-Ela area recently and Navy had identified 28 persons who had ckose contacts with that patient .During quarantine at Quarantine center in Oluwil 06 of them were confirmed as corona virus positives through tests .

Afterwards Navy had identified 52 persons who had close contacts with those 06 positives .