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Research-Beetroots Could Help In The Fight Against Alzheimer's: Compound In The Vegetable Prevents the Accumulation Of Harmful Protein Plaques In The Brain

Beetroots could help in the fight against Alzheimer's disease, new research suggests. Betanin, which is a compound that gives the vegetable its distinctive red colour, may slow the accumulation of protein plaque tangles, which are associated with the condition, in the brain. Study author Dr Li-June Ming, from the University of South Florida, said: 'Our data suggest that betanin, a compound in beet extract, shows some promise as an inhibitor of certain chemical reactions in the brain that are involved in the progression of Alzheimer's disease.
'This is just a first step, but we hope that our findings will encourage other scientists to look for structures similar to betanin that could be used to synthesise drugs that could make life a bit easier for those who suffer from this disease.'
Alzheimer's disease affects around 5.5 million people in the US and 850,000 in the UK. Most sufferers live just eight-to-10 years after their diagnosis.  Dementia cases, …

Obesity Dulls The Sense Of TASTE Causing People To Seek Higher Amounts Of Sugar, Salt And Fat -A Study Reveals


Around 450 TB Deaths Reported In Sri Lanka Annually

Around 450 persons in Sri Lanka are
dying due to Tuberculosis(TB) annually and 100 of them are from Colombo District according to the Colombo District TB Officer Dr.November. Ratnayake.

Almost one fourth of the total number of TB Patients reported in Sri Lanka annually is  from.Colombo District he has stated .

Around 8113 TB Patients have been reported in the island during last year and from.January to March this year around 450 TB patients recovered in the island Dr.Ratnayake has stated during a Media Briefing held in Health Education Bureau in Colombo this morning (20).

However when compare to other countries in the region Sri Lanka is the country which have lowest TB Prevelence rate it has been revealed during the briefing.

Making aware the public on the Disease is the better solution to prevent spreading it in the society Dr.Keerthi Gunasekare has stressed.

The International TB Day falls on 24 the of March .



Blow Out Breakfirst-Average Lunch And Light Dinner Best Solution For Weight Loss Of Diabetic Patients


Hitha Gawa.......


The Bizarre World Of The Rhino Horn Trade




Shakib Al Hasan booed by Sri Lankan fans after Nidahas Trophy final


An Unidentified Person Armed With A knife Robbed A Private Bank in Kiribathgoda

An unidentified person armed with a knife had entered a Private Bank in Kiribathgoda and robbed Rs.950,000 from the Bank and fled away from the scene it has been reported..

The suspect who had arrived from a Motorcycle had  entered the Bank as a customer and robbed the money after threatening a female employee at the Bank counter by showing the knife it has been revealed.
Kiribathgoda Police are investigating to arrest the Bank Robber.

National Police Commission had requested it's Secretary Ariyadasa Cooray to resign from his post

National Police Commission had requested it's Secretary Ariyadasa Cooray  to resign  from his post as he was overage it has been reported.

The request was made  as per the requirements of Circular number  03/2018 which stated that a person over the age of 60 is not eligible to work in the State Sector it has been revealed.
However earlier he was considered as  eligible to serve in the post until this September as per the requirements of the state circular 09/2008 which stated that a government servant of the age of 60 years can serve in State sector until 67 years.

Colombo High Court Judge has today (20) sentenced a person Life Time Imprisonment Over Keep In Possession 3.52 Grammes Of Heroin

Colombo High Court has today (20) sentenced a person arrested five year ago in 2013 with 3.52 Grammes of Heroin in his possession ,a life time imprisonment .

The accused was arrested by the Police Anti Corruption Division in December 2013 with 3.52 Grammes of Heroin in possession at Grandpass area in Colombo over the charges of keeping narcotic in possession and smuggling ,
The Attorney General had filed the case against the accused Mohommad Fairooz at Colombo High  Court..Colombo High Court Judge  Vikum Kaluaarachchi had imposed a life time imprisonment over the accused after he was found guilty over the charges,

Few Houses Destroyed Due To A Fire In A Housing Scheme




Around 49 female Garment Workers in Ekala-Ja-Ela have been hospitalized for the second consecutive day

Around 49  female Garment Workers attached to a Garment Factory in Ekala-Ja-Ela have been hospitalized for the second consecutive day today (20) due to breathing difficulties and fatigue  caused by a Gas leak of the Garment Factory.

Out of these Female Garment Workers 35 were admitted to the Gampaha Teaching Hospital .12 were admitted to the Ragama Teaching Hospital and 02 were admitted  Ja Ela District Hospital it has been reported.
More than 30 female Garment workers of the same factory were admitted to the Ragama Teaching Hospital yesterday due to the breathing difficulties caused by a Gas Leak as a result of a Chemical used to dispose the waste of the Factory it has been revealed. 
However still the authorities have not taken any step to control the Gas leek according to the reports.

Owner Of The BMW Motor Car Toppled To The Diyawanna Lake Had Remanded Until 27th

The owner of the BMW Car toppled  to the Diyawanna Lake last Saturday(17) who had surrendered to the Thalangama Police yesterday(19) has been remanded until 27th of March by the Kaduwela Magistrate today(20).

The suspect who had surrender to the Police through a lawyer was arrested and produced before the Kaduwela Magistrate this morning.

He fled away from the scene after his high speed BMW Motor Car was toppled  to the Diyawanna Lake.