Monday, October 2, 2017

Las Vagas Shooting:Police Hunt For Gunman's Motive


A Sri Lankan National Had Been Arrested With 58 Grammes Of Narcotics Hidden In His Body

Police narcotics bureau officials have arrested a Sri
Lankan national arrived in from Mumbai,India with 58 grammes of Heroin variety "Brown Sugar"stored in a contraceptive pill and hidden in his body at Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport.

After arresting the suspect he had been produced for a medical test in Negambo base hospital and through the test the contraceptive pill hidden in his body which contains narcotics had been recovered according to reports.

The suspect had been identified as a businessman residing in  Butawa,Mawanella area.

Two Special Police Teams Have Been Deployed To Arrest Arambepola Ratanasara Thero Over Not Appearing Before The Colombo Crimes Division

Two special police teams have been deployed to arrest
the General secretary of Jathika Balamuluwa the venerable Arambepola Ratanasara thero who didnt appear before the Colombo crimes division yesterday (02) to give a statement as requested regarding his obstructive behaviour against Rohingya refugees of Myanmar in Mount Lavinia last week according to the Police department.

The Arambepola Thero will be arrested and produced before the court today according to the Police.

Only the venerable Akmeemana Dayaratne Thero appeared before Colombo crimes division to make a statement regarding the incident as requested and later he was arrested and remanded until 09th of October.

Professor Colvin Gunaratne Has Been Appointed As Medical Council Chairman

The member of the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC)
and a physician professor Colvin Gunaratne has been appointed as the new chairman of Sri Lanka Medical Council today (02).

Professor Gunaratne has assumed duties of his post this evening after being appointed by Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne .

The chairman post of Sri Lanka Medical Council has become vacant after the retirement of former Chairman Professor Carlo fonseka on 30th of june.

Professor Gunaratne was the former chairman of state pharmaceutical Corporation.

Colombo Fort Magistrate Has Imposed Travel Ban On Four Officers Of Perpetual Treasuries Including It's Owner Arjun Aloysius

Colombo Fort magistrate has today (02) imposed a
foreign travel ban on the main suspect of Central Bank's bond scam ,the owner of the Perpetual Treasuries Arjun Aloysius and three others of the company including the chief ececutive officer of Perpetual Treasuries Kasun palisena over the Bond Scam issue.

The presidential commission of inquiry conducting an inquiry on the Bond scam.

Foreign-Body Clock Scientists Win Nobel Prize


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Government Professions Supplementary To Medicine Due To Launch An Islandwide Token Strike Tomorrow(03)

Image result for medical lab technicians
The Professions Supplementary To Medline (PSM) attached to the Government Hospitals are due to launch an Island Wide one day token strike  tomorrow(03) by demanding solutions for seven of their long standing service demands according to the General Secretary of the Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine Darmakeerthi Epa .

The token strike will be launched from 8 a.m tomorrow(03) to 8 a.m on Wednesday(04) morning  and PSM'S comprising with Government Pharmacists ,Radiographers,Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLT's) ,Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists are due to participate the trade union action it has been announced.

The PSM's are launching this strike by demanding solutions for seven of their demands including granting promotions to first grade PSM's and increase the test allowance on extra tests performed by PSM's .

Heavy Traffic Reported in Southern Expressway Due To A Fire Occured In A Small Lorry

Image result for southern expresswayA heavy traffic has been reported on the Kottawa lane of the Southern Expressway this morning(02) after a small lorry transporting Plastic goods had suddenly caught fire between Kottawa and Kahathuduwa area.

The driver of the vehicle who was the  only passenger of  the Lorry escape unharmed .The fire had doused however the lorry had completely destroyed due to the fire according to the reports.

The cause of the fire had been identified as a technical fault the Authorities have said.

A Youth Was Killed Due To A Motorcycle-Cab Collision

A 21 year old youth attached to the Civil Security Forcewas killed after the Motorcycle he was riding in colliding with a Cab belonging to a Provincial Councillor of Pudukudiiruppu Provincial Council on Mulathivu-Pudukudiiruppu area today(02).

Image result for accidentAfter the head on collision between the vehicles  ,the critically injured Motorcyclist had been admitted to Mulathivu Hospital for treatment and he had succumbed to his injuries later it has been reported.

Pudukuduirippu Police have arrested the Provincial Councillor over the incident.

Akmeemana Dayaratne Thero And His Aide Had Been Arrested Over Their Obstructive Behaviour Against Rohingya Refugees

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Colombo Crimes Division(CCD) had today(02) arrested the president of Sinhala Ravaya" Organization venerable Akmeemana Dayaratne Thero and his close aide Ravindra Warnajith Perera over their obstructive behavior shown in front of the house in Mount Lavinia where the Rohingya Refugees of Myanmar were kept in on last Tuesday(26).

The Akmeemana Dayaratne Thero and his aide had been arrested after arriving the Colombo Crimes Division this morning to give a statement regarding the allegation leveled against them  and after being produced before the Mount Lavinia Magistrate court this evening they were ordered to be remanded until 09th of October.

The General Secretary of the Sinhale Jathika Balawegaya Organization Arambepola Ratanasara Thero had been also asked to appear before the Colombo Crimes Division today regarding getting a statement from him also over the Refugee Issue ,However he has not appear before the CCD yet.

Bags For Life Can Pose Food Poisoning Risk, Says Food Standards Agency

Bags for life pose a food poisoning risk if they are used to carry raw foods such as meat and fish, a consumer watchdog is warning. 
Shopping bags

The Food Standards Agency says even if there is no leakage, packaging can harbour traces of harmful bacteria that can cause stomach bugs.

Shoppers should have separate bags for raw foods, ready-to-eat foods and household items such as detergent.

Reusable bags could be colour coded or labelled to avoid any mix-up, it says.
If there has been visible spillage, soiling or damage, plastic bags for life should be replaced, while fabric ones could be washed or cleaned.

"Even if there are no obvious spillages or staining after several uses, we would recommend that cotton/fabric bags for life be machine-washed regularly if they have been used for carrying raw items," the FSA website recommends in an updated post.

Contaminated food

Although instances are rare, shop-bought chicken is a potential source of infection.
Tests by the FSA have shown chicken packaging can carry a bug called campylobacter - the most common cause of food poisoning in the UK.

Campylobacter poisoning usually develops a few days after eating contaminated food and leads to symptoms that include abdominal pain, severe diarrhoea and, sometimes, vomiting.

Eggs, fish and loose vegetables with soil on can also pose a food poisoning risk, says the FSA website.
Large shops in England have been charging 5p for single-use plastic carrier bags for nearly two years.
However, they are not required to charge for plastic bags for certain products - including uncooked fish, meat or poultry products.

Carrier bag charges were introduced in Wales in 2011, in Northern Ireland in 2013 and in Scotland three years ago.(BBC-HEALTH)

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