Thursday, October 11, 2012

University Lecturers Suspend Their Strike And Report To Work On Monday

The University lecturers who are in strike since 04th of July by  demanding a pay hike and allocating more funds  for education sector have decided to suspend their strike action temporarily tomorrow(12) and report to work from next Monday(15th) according to Federation Of University Teachers Association (FUTA)after the discussions held with economic development minister basil rajapaksha and treasury secretary Dr.p.b jayasundara last Tuesday (09) FUTA this evening has decided to suspend their strike .

It has been reported that the government agreed to increase  salaries or allowances  of university lecturers from the budget proposals due to be presented Parliament in coming weeks.earlier it has been announced that FUTA officials will attend the press briefing held today (11) at higher education ministry on university lecturers salary issue ,but later today FUTA officials have announced that they will not attend that briefing .

Due to the long standing strike of University Lecturers all universities except medical faculties have been closed since 04th of July.the marking of this year's G.C.E Advanced Level  answer scripts too got delayed as university lecturers refrained from attending supervising those activities during the strike period.

Meanwhile government medical officers association (GMOA) has been announced today that they will launch an island wide strike action if the government has increased salaries of university lecturers alone.there should be a salary increment to all government sector employees without giving special increment to one category only the media spokesman of GMOA Dr.navin soyza said today.while addressing a press briefing at GMOA Headquarters in Colombo he had stressed that government doctors too should have given a salary increment similar to that of university lecturers  .

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