Monday, May 21, 2018

Electricity Supply To Four Areas In Ratanapura Cut Off

Due to the current flood situation  electeicity supply to four areas in Ratnapura District has been cut off to prevent any electricity related accidents according to the Ceylon Electricity Board.

Accordingly electricity supply to Kuruwita,Ehaliyagoda,Kiriella and Elapatha has been cut off .

Minor Flood Situation In Ratnapura To Be Developed In To A Heavy Flood Situation

The minor flood situation occurred in Ratnapura District due to the rising water level of Kalu river is developing towards a heavy flood situation as a result of the heavy showers prevailing in highland areas of Kalu River according to the Irrigation Department.

If the heavy showers prevailing in highland areas of Kalu River continues further occuring of the heavy flood situation is  inevitable the Department has stated.

Adverse Weather- Seven Persons Died And Nearly Thirteen Thousand Five Hundrad Persons Were Affected in Twelve Districts

Seven persons have died and nearly 13.500 persons have been affected due to the Adverse Weather Condition with heavy showers prevailing in 12 Districts in the Island according to the Department Of Irrigation.

Accordingly people living Colombo,Gampaha,Kalutara,Galle,Matara ,Hambanthota,Kagalle,Nuwara Eliya,Kurunagala,Ratnapura ,Puttalam and Kandy  areas are being affected due to Adverse Weather.

Due to the rising water levels of Kelaniya,GIn,Kalu,Nilvala and Attanagalu rivers prople lives  m low land areas around these rivers are being advised to be vigiland over possible floods.

Water level of tbe Kelaniya River from Awissawella to Nagalagamweediya is increasing rapidly and people lives in the low land areas near the river are being advised to evacuate their homes and move to safe places.

Meanwhile some schools in Ratnapura District have been submerged due to floods it has been reported.


Several Houses In Low Land Areas Near Norwood Have Been Submerged

Several houses located in   low land
areas near the Norwood police are being submerged today due to the floods caused by overflowing of Keselgamu oya(River) it has been reported.

The Keselgamu oya is being overflowing since this morning and as a result the residents of low land areas have been moved to safe places by the Police.

Meanwhile the water level  of the Sinclair falls has been increased due to the Heavy showers prevaing in Hatton it has been reported.

Seven Sluice Gates Of Polgolla And Three Sluice Gates Of Kukuleganga Reservoirs Have Been Opened

Seven sluice gates of the Polgolla
Reservoir and Three Sluice gates of Kukuleganga Reservoir have been opened today(21) due to the rising water levels of the reservoirs caused vy the heavy showers prevailing in Central hills and Kalutara District.

Accordingly Polgolla reservoir is releasing 29,000 square feet of water to the Victoria reservoir and Kukuleganga reservoir is releasing 285 square feet of water it has been revealed.

Meanwhile the water levels of Kalu river,Millakanda and Aguruwathota water indicators is on te rise it has been reported.

Deadly Nipah virus claims victims in India


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A Person Was Killed In Bulathkohupitiya After A Soil Mound Collapsing On The House

Related imageA 40 year old person was killed at Undugoda in Bulathkohupitiya area last night (20)after a soil mound collapsed over his house .

The person lived at the House alone according to the Police.

A House In Hatton Was Severely Damaged Due To A Collapsing Of A Soil Mound

Related imageA house at Full Bank area in Hatton was severely damaged after a collapsing of a huge soil mound on the houses this evening(21).

The soil mound located at backyard of the house collapsed on the House and there's no one in the house  at the time of the incident as the house owner is in abroad.

The damaged house is locked from out side,However few rooms of it got severely damaged due to the incident.

Transport Activities Of Puttalam-Colombo Road Disrupted Due To Floods

Transport activities of Puttalam-Colombo Road have been disrupted since this morning(21) after the road was submerging as a result of the flowing the water of Vijaya Katupatha Wewa and breaking down of  the bund of the Arachchikattuwa Maha Eliya Wewa it has been reported.
Baththuluoya Junction of the Puttalam-Colombo road is being submerged as a result by 1-2 feet of water .
Image result for puttalam-colombo road submerged

A Person Has Drowned While Viewing Floods In Galle

Related imageA 56 year old person has drowned and died while viewing the flood situation at  Habarakada area in Thawalama ,Galle today (21) it has been reported.

The body of the deceased who was a resident of Habarakada in Thawalama had been recovered few hours after he was  drowning  by the Navy divers.

His body had been sent to Elpitiya Hospital for the post mortum.





Collapsing Of Soil Mounds Disrupted Transport Activities Of Hatton-Colombo Main Road

Image result for collapsing of soil mound in hattonCollapsing of Soil Mounds have been reported from several areas of the Island due to the current Adverse Weather following the Heavy Showers according to the authorities.

Due to the collapse of Soil Mounds in Pathberiya in Awissawella and Diyagala in Ginigathhena area transport activities of the Hatton -Colombo Main Road has been disrupted Police have stated.

Meanwhile Train services at  Up-country Railway line in Badulla has been disrupted this morning (21) due to a land slip occurred between Ohiya and Iddalgashinna Train stations.

Due To The Overflowing Of Seven Rivers Low Land Areas Around And Roads Have Been Submerged

Due to the overflowing of Seven Rivers in the island most areas around these rivers and roads have been submerged as a result of flood waters according to the Department Of Irrigation.Image result for floods in galle 2018

Accordingly Kalu,Gin,Kelaniya,Nilwala,Mahaweli ,Maha(Oya0 and Aththanagalu(Oya) rivers are being overflown at the moment due to the continuous heavy showers prevailing in.

Due to the overflowing of Gin river Baddegama and Thawlama areas have been submerged and as a result of the overflowing of Kelaniya River from Norwood  that area has submerged with flood waters and flood warnings have been issued to Kithulgala,Hanwella and Nagalagamweediya areas the Department has stated.

Kalu River had been  overflown and Ratnapura and Millakanda areas have been submerged as a result it has been reported.Due to the overflowing of Attangalu River (Oya) dunamale area is being submerged and several areas including Negambo,Attanagalla and Ja Ela are under flood threat . Badalgama area received flood waters due to the overflowing of Maha River (Oya).

Irrigation Department has also issued flood warnings to Peradeniya due to the overflowing of Mahaweli River and Nawalapitiya is being submerged already as usual.

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