Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sri Lanka Became The Country With Highest Diabetes Population In South Asia

Sri Lanka is became a Country with largest number of Diabetes Patients in South Asian Region with more then 13 percent of the population here affected with Diabetes according to the Medical Specialists.

While other seven South Asian Countries are having less then 10 perent affected with Diabetes amongst the age group of 20-79 Sri Lanka is became the only country in the region having more than 10 percent of Diebetes Population.

Meanwhile according to the health surveys it has been reported that although Sri Lankan diet mainly compromised with Vegetables 82 percent of Sri Lankan adults not add vegetables  for their daily meals and average Sri Lankan consumes 10 grammes of Salt and 60 grammes of Suger daily.According to the Professor Chandika Wijerathna of Nirogo Lanka Project Average Sri Lankan added 15 to 18 percent of Fatty Foods to their meals daily.

Bad food habits,lack of exercise,mental stress are found as main reasons for getting Diabetes in Sri Lanka.

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