Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ministry Of Health To Extend Training Period Of Government Nurses

Ministry Of Health has decided to extend the Three year Nursing Training from Six Months to Three and Half years with an immediate effect.According to the Ministry Sources Health Minister has given instructions to his Officials to Implement this decision before the end of this September.

The pupil Nurses will received a Maternity Training during the extended Six Month Period the ministry sources added..

Former Deputy Minister Mervyn Found Not Guilty Over Tying A Government Officer

Former Deputy Minister Of Highways Dr.Mervyn Silva who was removed from his Portfolio by the President Mahinda Rajapaksha over tying a Samurdhi Officer to a tree was found not guilty by the Disciplinary Committee appointed by the Ruling Sri Lanka Freedom Party(SLFP).According to the Government Spokesman and Health Minister Maithrepala Sirisena Former Deputy Minister was tied the Samurdhi Officer who has reportedly not taking part in the Dengue Control Activities in the Deputy Ministers electorate to strengthen the Dengue Control Activities.

Deputy Minister Mervyn lost his Deputy Ministerial Portfolio ,the post of the Party Organiser and the Party membership last month due to the incident which opposed by the Samurdhi Officers Islandwide.

Health Ministry To Test Local BTI Bacteria Tomorrow

Ministry Of Health is due to test the locally  made BTI Bacteria which can used to destroy Dengue Mosquito Larvae from tomorrow at Mattakuliya and Paliyagoda areas in the Colombo District.According to the Ministry Sources they have received 500 Mili Litres of BTI Bacteria from it's local producer the Institute of Industrial Technologies(ITI) for the pilot project on testing  the Bacteria.

If the Bacteria proves effective then it will introduced to the National Dengue Control Programme without any hesitation according to the Health Ministry officials.

JVP To File A Court Case Against The Constitutional Reforms

One of the main leftist parties in Sri Lanka Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna(JVP) has decided to filed a court case before the Supreme Court today to opposing the New Constitutional Amendments passed by the Cabinet saying they are illegal.According to the party sources JVP is due to filed the court case today.

Government approved the new Constitutional Reforms known as 18th amendment to the Consttitution which gives the Executive  President a chance to run for the Executive Presidency unlimited number of times .

Government Says Previous Executive Presidents Too Can Run For The Presidency Through New Reforms

Under the new Constitutional amendments even the previous executive presidents too can contest for the executive presidency according to the Government Spokesman and Minister of Health Maithrepala Sirisena.However out of the former executive presidents only chandrika kumaratunge survived as two other presidents J.R Jayawardena and Ranasinha Premadasa already demise.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Constitutional Reforms To Debate In Parliament

The Constitutional Reforms approved by the Cabinet today will presented to the Parliament on 08th and 09th of September for debate Government Spokesman and Minister of Health Maithrepala Sirisena told the media today.According to the Minister govt.is currently having the nearly two third majority to approved the proposals.

Special Cabinet Meating Approved Proposed Constitutional Amendments

The Cabinet members which met today under the patronage of the President Mahinda Rajapaksha approved the proposed Constitutional Amendments of the Government including of removing the 31(2) clause of the constitution which restricting president to contest more then two occasions.The Cabinet also approved to amend the Local Government Act to hold next Provincial Councils Elections with the Mixed Proportional Representation System and to amend the 17th amendment of the constitution.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sun Is Over Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Meteorology Department today announced that the Sun is placed over  Sri Lanka since yesterday and it will remained there till  08th of September.According to the Meteorology department the towns which falls directly under the sun are Viduthalaitivu, Nayinamadu and Kokilai in the North.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Medical Supplies Division Suspended Issuing Of TNT To The Govt.Hospitals

Medical Supplies Division suspended the issuing of Life saving drug of the Heart Patients with Pain "Triglyceride Nitrate" or TNT to the Government Hospitals.after the stock imported from an Indian Company found as low in quality through the laboratory test.However the Government Pharmacies are issuing the Tablets to the Heart Patients despite it's lack of effectiveness Health sources said.

Maid Recovered After Removed Nails From Her Body

The Housemaid who underwent a surgery to remove the nails inserted to her body by her Saudi Employer recovering well after the surgery according to the Hospital sources.She underwent a Surgery to removed 24 nails inside her body yesterday at the Kamburupitiya Hospital and the Surgery was successful according to the Doctors.

The Chairman of the Foreign Employment Bureau Mr.Kingsly Ranawaka visited the Hospital today  to see her situation and offered a State own House.Large number of People visited the Kamburupitiya Hospital yesterday to take a glimpse of the 49 year old maid who's story appeared in Headlines in the media last few days.Several Government and Opposition Parliamentarians too visited her.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Health Ministry To Charge A Treatment Fee From Patients Who Got Sick Due To Alcohol

Health Ministry to charge Treatment fee next year from the Patients who are admitted to Government Hospitals due to the illnesses related to Drinking of Alcohol  Health Minister Maithrepala Sirisena said today.Addressing a Function in Kandy the Minister said every year Health Ministry spend an expenditure around Rs.3.5 million for treating Non Communicable diseases which majority are realted to Alcohol.

Every day around 300-350 people dying due to Non Communicable diseases such as Heart Diseases,High Blood Preasure,Diabetese,Kidney diseases and around 2000 people died due to the injuries caused because of  Road Accidents which majority of them related to alcoholism the Minister stressed.Taking into consideration these things the Health Ministry has decided to charge a fee from the  Alcoholic addicts begining next year minister further added.

Foreign Employment Bureau To Bring Saudi Couple Who Harrased SrI Lankan Maid To Justice

Foreign Employment Bureau of Sri Lanka says they are working towards bringing the Saudi Couple who inserted 23 nails and steal sticks to a body of the Sri Lankan Housemaid worked for them to Justice.The Bureau already consulted the Sri Lankan High Commision in Saudi Arabia regarding this.

Colombo Health Officials Destroyed 300 Kilos Of Contaminated Food

The Health Officials in the Colombo Municipal Council Public Health Department yesterday night raided 97 eating houses situated in Colombo suburbs and destroyed around 300 kilos of contaminated Food selling inside of 39 eating houses the Colombo Chief MOH Dr.Pradeep Kariyawasam said today.According to Dr.Kariyawasam the Colombo Public Health Deaprtment plans to filed cases aginst these eating houses by next weak.

The majority of the Destroyed Food items are Kottu Roti Dr.Kariyawasam stressed.These Eating Houses are situated in Fort,Bambalapitiya,Borella,Slave Island and Maradana he stressed.Another 56 samples of food items selling at 58 raided Eating Houses too taken for further tests.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Health Ministry To Launch A National Survey On Medical Equipment

The Ministry of Health has decided to launch an Islandwide survey on the Medical equipments currently used by all Government Hospitals throughout the island numbering 1016.The aim of this survey is to minimize the inproper way of distribution of the Medical equipments to hospitals and to collect data on  foreign and local medical equipment donations to the government Hospitals.

Health Ministry estimates around 80,000 Medical Equipments which are foreign and local donations are currently use by the Hospitals without inform on these donations to the Ministry.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Health Ministry To Test Local BTI Bacteria

Health Ministry is  to test the locally  made BTI Bacteria which can destroyed Dengue Mosquito Larvae on it's effectiveness within this weak according to the Ministry sources.The Industrial Technology Institute developed this BTI Bacteria.

Twenty Three Nails Were Found Inside The Body Of A Sri Lankan House Maid

Around 23 nails and few steal sticks were removed from  the body of a  Sri Lankan House Maid who worked in Saudi Arabia for  5 years .The  maid who was hospitalized upon her arrival to the island few days back is currently receiving treatment from the Kamburupitiya Hospital in down south of Sri Lanka.Some nails were found inside her head according to the doctors.The maid also had cuts in her feet.

Meanwhile after the local media revealed her condition the Foreign Employment Bureau of Sri Lanka who sent her abroad as a house maid after offering a training said the maid still  didn't make any complaint on the harassment she had received in Saudi Arabia.The chairman of the burau Mr.kingsly Ranawaka told the media that however the Foreign Employment Bureau will urged the Saudi Athorities to take action against the culprits responsible for inserting 23 nails to the Sri Lankan maid's body.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Colombo Public Health Department Destroyed 200 Kilos Of Unhygenic Food In Eating Houses

The public health department of the Colombo Municipal Council last Friday raided 188 eating houses functioning within the Colombo City and destroyed 200 kilos of food prepared unhygienically the Chief Medical Officer in Health in Colombo Dr.Pradeep Kariyawasam revealed today.There are 78 Kilos of Kothhu Roti among the Food items that destroyed he stressed.
Cooked Fish,Dried Fish,Eggs,Chick Peece,Rotis were among the other food items that destroyed.The Public Health Inspectors and the Health Staff of the Colombo Public Health Department carried out the raids on  these eating houses and out of them 66 were found as a threat to the public health.According to the Chief MOH Dr.Kariyawasam legal action will be taken against these eating houses within this weak.These eating houses situated in the areas of Borella,Fort,Wellawatta,and Bambalapitiya.

Public Health Officials were also taken 55 samples of food items at the 122 eating houses raided and sent them to the Lab for further tests.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Locally Made BTI Bacteria Found Cheaper Then USA Made Bacteria

It has been revealed that the Sri Lankan made BTI Bacteria used to destroy Dengue Mosquito Larvae is cheaper then the Brand imported by the Colombo Municipal Council Health Authorities from USA for the use in Colombo City.According to the Health Officials a Liter of Local made BTI Bacteria developed by the Industrial Technology Institute (ITI) is cost Rs.2400 comparing to the price of the USA Made Bacteria which is Rs.5000 per liter.

Meanwhile according to the Sources the BTI developed in Cuba is much cheaper then the local and USA Made ones as the price stands as Rs.2250 per Liter.

Friday, August 13, 2010

General Sarath Fonseka Found Guilty In First Court Martial

Former Army Commander Retired General Sarath Fonseka today found guilty by  the first Court Martial and sending him a dishonorable discharge from his ranking which has to be approved by the president.

General Sarath Fonseka is currently facing  two Court Martial Trials and imprisoned under the security forces since last February.

WHO Donated 1900 Vials Of Life Saving Dengue Injections To Sri Lanka

World Health Organization(WHO) Colombo office yesterday donated 1900 Vials of "Dextran-40" which is used to expand the Blood Plasma" of the critically ill Dengue patients to the Health Minister Maithreepala Sirisena.These  Injections which can be injected  to the patients through saline is made in Thailand and known as life saving drug of the Dengue Patients who are in critical state.

Ministry of Health already imported and distributed 300 vials of this injection to the   territory care Hospitals in the Island and another stock of 145o vials are scheduled to arrive shortly according to the Ministry sources.The WHO Representative in Colombo Dr.F.R Mehetha made the donation to the Health Minister yesterday.

BTI Bacteria Ready For The Local Market-Dr.Radhika Samarasekere

The Locally made BTI Bacteria which is used to destroy Dengue Mosquito Lavae can be released anytime if the Ministry Of Health make an order the Officer who developed BTI Bacteria locally Dr.(Mrs) Radhika Samarasekere said today.According to her the Bacteria already received the registration here and the Prodution too got completed.

"We can produce any amount which can meet the local demand and and it's cost effective comparing to the same Bacteria made in Cuba she further stressed.She revealed this at a Seminar held today at the Sri Lanka Medical Association(SLMA) Auditorium on  "Dengue Prevention Strategies".

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Deputy Minister Mervin Sacked From His Portfolio And From the Government

Government last night sacked the Controversial Deputy Minister Dr.Mervyn Silva from his portfolio over in an incident that he tied a Samurdhi Officer in Kelaniya to a Mango Tree over not attending the Dengue Control Programme in the area.Government has also decided to remove him from the membership of the Governing Sri Lanka Freedom Party(SLFP) after conducting an Independent disciplinary Inquiry against him.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Seven Prostitutes In Colombo Detected As HIV Positives

Seven Prostitutes live in Colombo Suburbs have been identified as HIV Positives according to the National Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Aids Control Programme sources.This is the fist time that  HIV infected  Prostitutes have been  detected in Sri Lanka.

According to the Director of  National Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Aids Control Programme Dr.Nimal Edirisinha  there is a great risk of spreading HIV/AIDS within the society through these HIV Infected Prostitutes unless the people not protected themselves avoiding risky behavior.Aids Control  Programme has already taken measures to treat these prostitutes and make them 
aware how to avoid to Spread of the virus to others.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Biggest Financial Freudster In The Country Got Arrested

Sri Lankan English Instructor Sakwithi Ranasinha who is involved in one of the biggest Financial Freud in Sri Lanka was arrested this morning by the Police at Kaduwela in the Colombo District.His wife too got arrested by the Police.He was using a Tamil name at the time he got arrested and the police also recovered a sum of Rs 150,000 in his possession.

Police is searching the whereabouts of Skawithi since he was  disappeared with Deposit money of his customers estimated as Rs.9000 million.According to the Police Sakwithi who has  escaped to India Two years back returned to the Country two months ago.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ministry Of Health Launched A Battle Against Dengue Menace

Ministry Of Health has launched a Four day massive cleaning programme throughout the Island to eradicate spreading of Dengue.The programme will run up to this Sunday and around 300,000 youth people who represents the Youth force of the Sri Lanka Youth Services Council assisting the Health Officials to clean the masses.

The salient feature of this Programme is the  pledge given by the  youths participating in the programme as they  will in front of the houses of those who were died due to  dengue fever stating that they will not allow any Dengue death to be occurred .

Two Opposition Tamil MP's Crossed Over To The Government

Two Tamil Opposition MP's who are members of the opposition United National Front(UNF) today joined with the  Government by crossing over  during the Parliamentary Proceedings held today.The two MP's Prabha Ganeshan and P.Digambaram crossed over to the Government Bench from the Opposition this noon.

The two MP's met the president Mahinda Rajapaksha today before announcing their decision.

Samurdhi Officers Throughout The Island Launched A Protest Campaign Against Deputy Minister

All Samurdhi Officers attached to the Government Service today  staged an Island wide protest campaign against the Deputy Minister of highways Mervin Silva's act to tied one of their officers to a tree at kelaniya two days ago.The officer was tied to a tree due to his non participation of dengue control programme conducted in kelaniya.The protesting Officers demanded an Impartial Inquiry against the Misbehaving act  of the deputy minister.Samurdhi is a programme launched by the government to give financial  aid to the low income groups and Samurdhi officers are handling the relief work throughout the Island.

However while facing lot of criticisms due to his act the Deputy Minister Silva told the parliament yesterday that he didn't tied the officer to tree ,however that officer tied himself to give an example to others on his misbehavior.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Deputy Minister Tied A Worker To A Tree Due To Non Participation To Dengue Control Activities

Deputy minister on highways Mervin Silva today tied a Samurdhi Worker in to a Mango Tree in Kelaniya due to his non participation for the Cleaning Programme on Dengue held last weak.Minister who had invited all the media personal to the place where the Worker was tied said that anyone who are avoid of participating the Dengue control Programme will be punished.He earlier said that no Dengue death should report from the Kelaniya electorate .

Meanwhile Samurdhi Workers launched a strike demanding  an impartial inquiry on the incident involved  Deputy Minister Mervin Silva.

Fourty Five Cases Filed Against Colombo Residents Over Breeding Dengue Mosquitoes

Colombo Health Department filed 45 court  cases within las seven months against the Colombo City residents who maintained Dengue breeding places in their residence/Workplaces.Out of these cases 08 were settled and the accused persons paid a sum of Rs.196,000 as fines.Each of the accused paid Rs.24,500 as the fine.

Colombo Helath Department foiled these cases in the Maligakanda Magistrate Court in Colombo.Under the Mosquito Breeding prevention act passed by the Parliament a person who charged of having Dengue Breeding Palces in his/her premises can be fined up to Rs.50,000 or can imposed a 6 month Imprisonment.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Prabhakaren's Driver Surrendered To The Police

The driver of the late slain ed LTTE Leader Velupillai Prabhakaren has surrendered to the Trincomalee Police yesterday.According to the Police the driver Valiwale Sathikumaren was surrendered yesterday and informed the Police that he fled the tigers during the last stages of the War last year.The police is conducting further investigations on this matter.

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India is far behind Sri Lanka regarding socialising children with birth defects and Sri Lanka and it's media are doing a tremendous ...