Friday, October 8, 2010

Elections Commisoner Received The Repalcement For General Fonseka's Vaccant Seat

Colombo Elections Officer sent the name of Lakshman Nipunaarachci to the Elections Commissioner to repalce General Fonseka who lost his seat yesterday it has been revealed.Elections Commisioner also received a request to gazette the repalced persons name.Nipunaarachchi received next highest preferential votes from the Democratic National Alliance(DNA)after General Fonseka at the last Parliamentary Elections.

One Thousand One Hundrad Fifty Four Institutions Were Issued Notices For Breeding Dengue Mosquitoes

One thousand one hundrad fifty four(1554) owners of Bus Depots,Garages,Tyre sales outlets and other institutions Islandwide were issued  Notices yesterday due to maintaining Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places Health Ministry has announced.During the search operations carried out throughout the island by inspection taems on Dengue Mosquito Breeding places yesterady another 7887 owners of institutons  warned on the ground of having risk areas of Mosquito Breeding.Total of 2317 Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places were found during the Inspection.

The people who received Notices have to face a legal action if they do not clean their premises within a week Health Ministry said.If a legal action is taken then an accused willl charged a fine  up to Rs.50,000
under the Mosquito Breeding Prevention Act.

A total of 11,988 Institutions were inspected by the Inspecting teams yesterday on Dengue Breeding Places.These islandwide Inspections are carried out by the Health Inspection teams during the National Dengue prevention Week which runs till 13th of October.Under these Inspections Health Officials assisted by the Police and Armed Forces will visited the Houses,Schools and other premises to see whether there are Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places.

DNA To Seek Legal Action Against Vaccating Gen.Fonseka's Parliamentary Seat

Democratic National Alliance(DNA) said today that they are going to Supreme Court today against the decision to vaccate  the Parliamentary Seat of their leader and Former Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka.DNA Secretary MP Vijitha herath said that General Fonseka cannot loose his seat through a  verdict given by a Court Martial which is  not even recognized as a Court by the Judicial Services Act and the Constitution..

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