Saturday, November 23, 2019

Another 24 Hour Water Cut At Many Areas In Western Province

Another 24 hour water cut has been

 implemented in many areas of Western  province from 8 a.m this morning until  8 a.m tomorrow  morning (24) due to a renovation work of Kelaniya South Bank project The National  Water Supplies and Drainage Board has announced .

Accordingly  A 24 hour water cut has been implemented in areas including Katunayake,Seeduwa ,Ja-ela-Wattala ,Mabole Urban Council areas and ,Kerwalapitiya,Welisara, Ragama ,Bulugaswatte ,Ragama ,Batuwatte and Horape  areas .

Meanwhile the 24 hour water cut implemented in many areas of Colombo District since 9 a.m last morning  has ended at 9 a.m this morning .

As water is an essential requirement  for  survival  ,Long water cuts can caused spreading of Dengue ,and many watet borne diseases epidemeologists have warned.

President Has Issued An Extra Ordinary Gazette On Deploying Armed Forces Island Wide To Maintain Public Security

President Gotabaya Rajapakshe has
issued an extra ordinary Gazette Notification announcing the deployment of Tri forces to maintain public security in all 25 administrative districts .

Accordingly Army ,Navy and Airforce personal are being deployed to maintain public security by the president accordance to the powers vested with him under the constitution .
This step has been taken due to the lifting of state of emergency after the easter sunday attack it has been announced



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