Thursday, May 7, 2020

Russian Hospital Staff Working Without Masks

27 Corona Virus Positives Reported Yesterday -26 Of Them Were Navy Personal

During yesterday (07) upto 11.58 p.m 27
Corona virus positives had been reported in the country ,Increasing the total number of Corona virus positives reported so far to 824 according to Epidemeology Unit .

Out of these 27 corona positives 26 were Navy personal and the other person  had infected after contacting a person arrived in from Doha ,Qatar it has been reported .

At present 583 Corona positives are being treated at Government hospitals .

232 Corona positives had discharged from hospitals after fully recovered it has been revealed .

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Yesteryear Melodies

24 Out Of 29 Corona Positives Reported Yesterday (06)Were Navy Personal

24 out of 29 corona Positives reported
in the island yesterday (06)were  Navy personal according to the Health Ministry

The remaining 05 positives including a 7 year old child are also related to Navy personal it has been revealed .

Meamwhile 17 Corona positives had discharged from hospitals today after fully recovered increasing the total number of Corona positives discharged from hospitals to 232 .

A Batch Of 197 Sri Lankan Students Stranded In Dubai Brought Back To Sri Lanka

A batch of 197 Sri lankan students who
were stranded in Dubai had been brought back to Sri lanka through a Special Sri lankan Airlines flight this morning (07)according to the Airlines .

These students were transported to Quarantine centers for quarantine through special buses after air force personal disinfecting them .

Another 38 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged Today (07) After Full Recovery

Another 38 Corona positives had been recovered and discharged today (07)from government Hospitals, increasing the total number of Corona...