Sunday, September 27, 2009

Two IDP'S Were Shot By The Army While Trying To Escape

Two IDP'S were injured and 19 got arrested during a clash with the Sri Lankan Army when Two IDP'S tried to flee from the Manick Farm IDP Camp yesterday.The two who were shot sustained Injuries were admitted to the Cheddikulam Hospital in the Northern Sri Lanka.

According to the Army Spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara The two Inmates who were to escape from the IDP Camp tried to throw a Grenade and hurl Stones at the Army Personal.As a result Army shot at them he stressed.Police are questioning the 19 people who have been taken into custody during the clash.

Health Secretary Issued Charge Sheets For 38 Blood Bank Workers

Health Ministry Secretary Dr.Athula Kahanda Liyanage issued Charge Sheets under a Special Cabinet Order for 38 People who are found guilty of issuing Expired Blood Kits to the Government Hospitals .Cabinet was instructed the Health Secretary last weak to issue these Charge Sheets as the Public Services Commission the Body which issues Charge Sheets for Public Servants are not doing their Job properly.

The Report of the Preliminary Inquiry held regarding the Blood Kits Case was sent to the PSC on 01st of September last year but the Commission is still not able to issue Charge Sheets for the accused.Therefor the Health Secretary is given wide Powers to act on the Issue.

After the issuing of Charge Sheets the Health Secretary is due to appoint a Special Committee in two weak time to probe a Formal Disciplinary Inquiry on the Accused Persons according to the Health Ministry Sources.

The former Director of the National Blood Center in Colombo Dr.Mangalika Bindusara and Three Doctors are among the 38 accused over the Expired Blood Kits case.

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