Sunday, April 12, 2015


Dambulle Hospital Authorities Have Handed Over A Fake Doctor To The Police

Authorities of the Dambulle Hospital have today (12) handed over a fake Doctor to the Police after he    tried to enter  the Hospital Theater in Cesarean Section ,The fake doctor who is a resident in Madirigiriya (North Central Province) tried to enter the theater by carrying a stethoscope when the chief surgeon who came out from the theater at that time identified him as a fake doctor it has been reported.

The Fake Doctor has tried to enter the theater by stating that  he is going to perform a surgery hospital sources have said.

Nine Hundred Six Acres Of High Security Zone Lands In Jaffna Were Distributed Amongst Owners

The Authorities in Jaffna have  yesterday (11) distributed 906 Acres of Land in the Jaffna high security zones among st  the first owners  under the government's programme to distribute high security zone lands to there owners.These lands have been distributed to the owners after 27 years according to the government sources.

Yesterday alone lands situated in 9  Grama Niladari Divisions in Jaffna District were  distributed among st  first owners.Distributed lands were situated in Kankasanthurai South,Thelipplai,Northern Palai,Southern Palai,Kattuwan,Thenmailai,Waruthawillan,Palali South,Kopai and Walai Areas.

Distributing of High Security Zone Lands in Jaffna To the first owners is one of the election promises made by the present government during recently concluded Presidential Elections.

After Six Years Cost Of Living In The Country Has Come Down In March-Prime Minister

The Cost Of Living prevails  in the country has come down significantly during  last March and it  was the  lowest reported after 6 years according to the Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinha.Due to this situation People in the country will be able to celebrate this year's Sinhala and Tamil New Year Festival which falls on 14th of April without any burden he has stressed.

During the last few years people in the country have been celebrated the new year with the help of  loans while rulers of the country had robbed  country's assets Prime Minister has further added.

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