Thursday, August 11, 2011

Medical Supplies Division And Health Ministry To Destroy Expired And Low Quality Drugs

The Medical Supplies Division (MSD) and the Ministry Of Health have  jointly decided to destroy the Rupees Millions worth quality failed and expired drugs/surgical/Surgical Equipment stored in  MSD Stores since few years .According to the MSD sources around 300,000 "Pethidine" Injections Vials which were expired on 2009  and Hypodermic 19G,24 G and 25 G needles are among the Drugs/Surgical items due to destroy the MSD Sources revealed.

Although the MSD and the Health Ministry has decided to destroy the said expired and low quality drugs no supplier neither an official were punished for importing low quality drugs according to the sources.One Fifth of the space in MSD Stores have been  occupied by these low quality and expired drugs according to the MSD

OPD And Clinics Attached To Ambilipitiya Hospital Shut Down Due To The Shortage Of Minor Staff

The Out Door Patients Department (OPD) and the Clinics attached to  the Ambilipitiya Base Hospital in Sabaragamuwa Province are closed since this Tuesday (09th) due to the severe shortage of Minor Staff in these Departments.Due to this situation around 20,000 registered patients of the Hospital OPD Clinics and around 1000 patients who are getting OPD Treatment faced severe hardships Hospital Sources said.

There is a shortage of over 60  minor staff personal at the Hospital OPD the sources have revealed.

After several requests made by the Hospital Staff and the Trade Unions the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Health Ministry has sent 12 new minor staff members to the Ambilipitiya Hospital yesterday but the hospital authorities said this amount is not sufficient.Meanwhile the Hospital Staff of the Ambilipitiya Hospital staged a protest in front of the hospital this noon urging the authorities to re open the OPD and the Clinics after overcome the shortage of minor staff.

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