Thursday, March 10, 2016


Twenty One Local Fishermen Have Been Detained Due To Fishing by Using Banned Equipment At Kalpitiya

The Navy Officers and Fisheries Officials in Kalpitiya have arrested 21 local fishermen who were engaged in fishing by using Banned Equipment on Sea off Sinnapadu in Kalpitiya.

Five Boats along with an illegal equipment the Fishermen have used were also taken into custody by Navy and Fisheries Offcials.

Police have released the 21 local fishermen after being handedover to them on bail and ordered them to appear before Kalpitiya Magistrate Court on 28th of March.


Dankotuwa Police Have Recovered Several Burnt Bodies Inside a Burned Out Van

Image result for police sri lankaDankotuwa Police have recovered several burnt bodies inside of a burned out   Van parked at a By Road in Buthagmpola,Dankotuwa(In Western Province) this morning.

Accrding to the earlier reports around five burnt bodies have been found inside the van however the number is not yet been conformed according to the Police.

Dankotuwa Police Station is currently condcuting an investigations on the incident.

One Female Was Killed And Her Husband Was Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Gun Shooting

Image result for gun shooting in graphicsOne female was killed and her husband  was critically njured and hospitalized due to a gun shooting incident occurred at Sevanagala in Embilipitiya Area(In Ratnapura District) early this morning according to the Police.

A group of unidentified gynmen had eneterd to a house at Seveanagala Area around 2.30 a.m this morning and opened fire at a female and her husband Police have stated.The female was kiiled at the spot and her husband was admitted to the Sevanagala Hospital in critical condition it has been reported.

The Embilipitiya Police are conducting an investigations on the incident.


Cabinet Has Approved The Recommencement Of Chinese Port City Project

 Cabinet has approved the recommencement of the China Funded Port City Project and the Environmental Impact Assessment  Report on the Project.

The work of the 1.4 Billion US Dollars worth Colombo Port City Project has been suspended on February 2015 over an environmental issues.

The issues pertaining to the Colombo Port City Project with Chinese Government and the Private Company that handling the project  have been solved the Minister  Of International Trade Malik Samarawikrama has stated.


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Heavy Traffic Congestion Reported At Ward Place In Colombo This Evening Due To A Protest March

Image result for protest march clip artHeavy Traffic Congestion has been reported at Ward Place in Town Hall(In Colombo) this evening for few hours due to a Protest March conducted by Non Academic Staff of the University in front of University Grants Commission.

The University Non Academic Staff Members have been organized this protest march by demanding to settle their Salary and Allowances Anomalies.

Sri Lankan Coastal Guard Officers Have Arrested Four Indian Fishermen In Sri Lankan Waters

The Sri Lankan Coastal Guard Officers with the assistance of  Sri Lanka Navy have arrested four Indian Fishermen along with the Boat they were in while illegally fishing in Sri Lankan Waters.

These Indian Fishermen were arrested while they were pouching off  Kareinagar Island according to sources.

They were later handed over along with their Boat to Kankasanthurai Fisheries Department for future course of action.


Two Persons Had Been Arrested And Remanded Over Killing of A "Sea Eagle" In Southern Sri Lanka

The Habaraduwa Police have yesterday(09) arrested two persons near the Babagala Bridge for killing  an endangered species "Sea Eagle" and  after the suspects were produced before Galle Magistrate court today(10) they were remanded until 24th of March according to sources.

The two suspects were arrested by the Habaraduwa Police after social media and local news papers carried photographs of them killing the   sea eagle .The Police are looking to arrest another three persons who were in the photographs that related to killing of the eagle.

The suspects were charged under the flora and tuna act and they will face a five year jail term if convicted for the offence of harassing the Sea Eagle.

Two Hundrad Fifty Thousand Persons In Sri Lanka are identified As suffering from "Glaucoma"

Around 250,000 persons out of 22 Million Sri lankan Population(6%) are identified as suffering from eye disorder "Glaucoma" according to the Consultant Eye Surgeon Dr.Muditha Kualthunge.

"Glaucoma" known as the second major eye disorder in Sri Lanka which causes Blindness is on the increase here Dr.Kulathunge has said.

Those who are over 60 years of age,Persons whose Parents and Blood Relatives are suffering from 'Glaucoma",Those who are having eye contusion and Persons who are wearing  Heavy  spectacles are identified as at risk of getting "Glaucoma" she has said.

'If you are over 40 years of age check your eyes for Glaucoma atleast 2-3 times per year as the disease is not showing any prior symptoms Dr.Kulathunge has further added.

A person can develop Glaucoma due to the damage of the Optical Nerve of the eye and if not receiving treatment in early stage of the disease one can develop the situation in to blindness according to Eye Specialists.

As almost all the government hospitals in the country are equipped with "Glaucoma" Testing facilities people are advised to get a free checkup for the disease in any of the government hospital.

From March 06th to 12th of March has been declared as International Glaucoma Week and to mark this week a special free Glaucoma testing eye clinic will be held tomorrow(11)at  Colombo National Eye Institute(Eye Hospital) from 8 a.m to 1 p.m.

All Island Curfew Schedule To Be Changed From Tomorrow(06)

Government has amended  the current curfew schedule implemented in the country daily from tomorrow (06)according to the President's ...