Monday, June 10, 2019



Katunayake Airport Authorities Lifted Restrictions Imposed On Air Passangers

Airport authorities have today (10)lifted the restrictions imposed over Passangers to accompany  another person to arrival and departure terminals at Katunayake ,International Airport .

Accordingly an Air Passanger can accompany two persons to the arrival and departure terminals from today. After the Easter Sunday attacks Airport authorities  have  banned Air passangers  accompanying another person to arrival and departure terminals due to security reasons and requested the Passangers come alone .


A Body Of A Person Who Had Committed Suicide Recovered

A body of a person who had committed
suicide by hanging him self of  a Tree near the railway stores at KalaPola  in Pettah recovered today  (11).

The body of the deceased had recovered after being informed by a train Passanger .The identity of the deceased had not  yet been
revealed .

Tution Master/Businessman Sakwithi Ranasinghe Had Been Released On Bail

Colombo High Court had today
(10)released Chandana Weerakumara allias Sakwithi Ranasinghe an English Teacher and a Businessman who had cheeted his customers more than Rs. 1620 million after being in remand custody around 10 years .

The suspect was released on a cash bail of Rs.600,000 and a 06 surety bails of Rs. 10.1 million  each .

He was remanded over three main charges although around 2014 charges  had been levelled against him over financial fraud .Three Court cases had been filed against Sakwithi Ranasinghe over three charges.

He had cheated money of thousands of customers who had been deposited their money in Sakwithi Housing and Constructions Company owned by him .

Around 150 Houses Partially Damaged In Few Areas Due To Strong Winds

Around  150 houses in few areas of the
island had been partially damaged due to the strong winds assisted with South Western monsoon rains prevailing in according to Disaster Management Center .

Accordingly houses in Kimbulawela of Siyambalanduwa ,Monaragala, Kapumgoda in Negambo and Daraniyahala areas had been partially damaged due to the winds .

Disaster Management Center has appealed from the public to avoid parking vehicles under huge trees in urban areas due to the monsoon rains .


Lanka Indian Oil Company Also Increased The Octane -92 Petrol Price

Lanka Indian Oil Company  (LIOC)had
also increased the price of a Liter of Octane-92 Petrol by Rs.07 from midnight tonight  (10).

Accordingly The Liter of LIOC Octane -92 Petrol has been increased from Rs.140 to Rs.147 .The prices of other LIOC fuels remain same .

State owned Ceylon Petroleum  Corporation had increased the price of a Liter of Octane-92 Petrol by Rs.3 since midnight tonight accordance to the price formula introduced by the government. 

A Group Of Persons Including Carpenters To Launch A Fast To Death Campaign Tomorrow (11)Demanding To Abolish Carpentry Shed Ban

A group including carpenters which
began a "Sathyagraha "campaign in front of Moratuwa Urban Council  last Saturday  (08) against the proposed Carpentry Shed Ban  had decided to launch a fast to death campaign from tomorrow (11)if the president will not revert back his   decision to ban Carpentry Sheds  it has been announced. .

Mayor of Moratuwa Urban Council, Urban Council members and Religious leaders have joined the carpenters and launched the 'Sathyagraha " campaign Infront of the Urban Council last Saturday evening .

Two Carpenters And An Organization Lodged Three Complaints Before Human Rights Commission Against Carpentry Shed Ban

Two Carpenters and "Sathya
Gaveshakayo"(Truth Investigators ) have lodged three complaints before the National Human Rights Commission against president Maithripala Sirisena 's decision to ban Carpentry Sheds by saying the decision  has violated the human rights of carpenters In the country.

The two Carpenters Janitth Fernando and Laksiri Fernando have stated through their complaints that the decision of President has clearly violated the article 14 /w of the constitution which assures anyone have right to do a profession  they like .

If the President is not wiling to abolish the decision taken to ban Carpentry Sheds a legal action will be taken  against him soon "Sathya Gaveshakayo Organization has stressed.

Price Of A Liter of Octane -92 Petrol. To Be Increased From Midnight Tonight (10)

The price of a liter of Octane -92 petrol
selling by Ceylon Petroleum Corporation  (Ceypetco)will be increased by Rs.3 accordance to the monthly price formula with effect from midnight tonight  (10) government has announced.

Accordingly Price of a Liter of Octane -92 Petrol will be increased from Rs.135 to Rs. 138 .However prices of  Octane-95 Petrol and  Super and Auto Diesel will not be increased this time it has been revealed.

According to the Price Formula introduced by Government 10th of Every month the prices of Petrol and Diesel will be either increased or decreased based on the prices of a crude oil barrel in the world market. 

One Hundred Persons Killed In An Attack in Mali


Thousamds Of Cinemas In China Under Threat Of Closure 52901143