Saturday, June 14, 2014

Expert Panel To Hand Over The Amendments Of Proposed National Drug Policy

A Panel Compromise  with 15 experts of Pharmacology is due to be handed over the document of amendments for  the proposed draft of the National Drug Policy to the Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena withing next two weeks time the  Government Pharmacists Union has said.

The panel compromise with Professors and Doctors On Pharmacology ,Pharmacists and other experts are currently preparing the amendments to the drug policy and the panel has already identified 22 clauses in the draft which should be amended the union has stated .one of the key factors identified as need to be amended is the clause 38(1) of the drug policy which has stated Doctors can prescribe drugs by generic name as well as with the trade name the Secretary Of The Pharmacists Union MR.Ajith P.Thilakareatne has stressed..

The draft of the proposed National Drug Policy which is displayed at the Health Ministry Web Site  for public suggestions comes under heavy fire since last week  after most of the intellectuals in the drug field have criticized the draft as a completely changed one when compare with Professor Senaka Bibile's National Drug Policy .

Heaven Located At Abayaramaya Temple With Gods And Goddesses

We all have heard about the heaven and hell and what will cause a human to visit  one of these locations.but having view both  hell and heaven with life size portraits inside a Buddhist Temple is a quite a rare Abayaramaya Temple in Narahenpita(Colombo- on the road where Lanka Hospital is situated) public will able to view both heaven and the hell with large size portraits with description.The hell is displayed according to 5 SHIKSHA PADA'S of Buddhism in the canal temple located at Abayaramaya,The heaven is called" Sadev Pura" and the portraits of gods and goddesses are there with descriptions of their life expectancy.

I was able to capture some pictures of the heaven built there at the abayaramaya  temple last week .there is a  tall statue of Maithree Buddha the future  Lord Buddha situated in front of the place where heaven is located.Visit there and enjoy this new experience.
 Heaven Built At Abayaramaya Temple-Pix  By Emanthi.K Marambe


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