Monday, February 27, 2012

While Public Protests Held Throught The Country Against Possible Resolution On Human Rights Against Sri Lanka No Resolution Produced during Day at UN Sessions

Although  Public Protest Campaigns were held in many towns throughout the country  today (27) against moving a Resolution against Sri Lanka on Human Rights Violations during the ongoing 19th sessions of United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)at Geneva,Switzerland it has been reported that the   United Nations High Commissioner for  Human Rights  Ms.Navanethem  Pillai didn't mention anything against Sri lanka during her inauguration speech delivered at sessions .

Instead of Speaking on Sri lanka Ms,Pillai was mentioned on Human Rights Violations taking place in Syria these days and also called an emergency meeting of the Council tomorrow(28) to discuss on the situation the reports added.

Meanwhile Politicians led Public Protest Campaigns held throughout the island during today including the major demonstration taken place at Colombo Fort this evening,Due to this demonstration a section of the road in front of fort railway station was closed according to police,

Instead of proposing a Resolution against sri lanka the minister of state,foreign office and commonwealth Jeramy Brown urged Sri Lanka to implement the recommendations made by Lessons Learn t and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC).

In responding to western leaders request on implementing recommendations of LLRC Sri Lanka's Minister of Plantations and President's Specila Human Rights Envoy Mahinda Samarasinha has said there's no need for adapting a resolution on Sri Lanka to implement above recommendations as Government has already implement it's recommendations like rehabilitation of LTTE Cadres,De mining ,Detention of Suspects and Land Issues etc.

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