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A Businessman Was Killed And Four Others Injured Due To A Gun Shooting In Attanagalla

A 37 year old businessman was killed
and four others iimcluding a female were njured and hosp
 italized due to a gun shooting incident occurred during a new year musical show held last night (21)near the Attanagalle Temple in Nittambuwa.

The injured were admitted to the Wathupitiwela  Hospital for treatment.

An unidentified gunmen arrived in the Musical show venue had opened the fire it has been revealed.

The deceased was identified as a businessman resided in Heyyanthuduwa area and who was among the invitees attended to inaugurate the musical show.

The cause of the gun shooting has not yet been revealed and the Police have launched an investigation to arrest the gunmen.

Two Families In Balagala Estate Have Been Evacuated from The Estate Due To A Sinking of An Earth

Twelve members belonging to two
families at Balagala Estate in  liyangahawela ,Bandarawela have been evacuated from.their houses and moved to safer places for their safety due to a sinking of an earth in the estate land according to the Disaster Management Center in Badulla.

The cause of the sinking  not yet been revealed and a group of officials attached to the National Building Research Organization had arrived in the area to observe the land.

A Motorcyclist Was Killed Due To Motorcycle-Van Collision

A 26 year old motorcyclist was killed
and a van driver was injured and hospitalized due to a head on collision of Motorcycle and a Van this morning (21) at puttalam area.

The Van driver had  admitted to the  Puttalam base hospital for treatment.

The deceased was a resident of ulukkapallama area and the accident occurred due to the inabilty of the Van driver when controlling  the vehicle the Puttalam police have stated.

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Seas From.Balapitiya To Pothuvil To Be Rough From Tonight(21) -Disaster Management Center

The sea area from Balapitiya in the
south to Potuvil area via Matara will be rough from tonight (21) up to this Monday(23) warns Disaster Management Center.

Accordingly the Disaster Management Center has requested the fisheries community and the Navy officers to refrain from going to sea during this period as the sea waves will rise in to the height of 2 to 3 meters .

Tusker "Vevel Dalaya" Was Injured Due To A Gun Shot

The tusker "Vevel Dalaya" lives at
Digampathana reserve in Dambulla was injured due to a gun shot  fired through a rifle set by villagers to protect their crops from.animals it has been revealed.

The injured Tusker is currently receiving treatment for the injuries according to wild life officers in Sigiriya.

The Senior Lab Technologist In Charge Of The Horana Rubber Factory Arrested Over The Ammonia Tank Incident

The senior female lab technologist in
charge of the Rubber manufacturing factory at Ballapitiya in Horana where five of it's workers have died after falling to an Ammonia Tank belongs to the factory ,has been arrested by the Horana Police this evening (21) over the poor quality of the factory enviornment.

The Lab Technologist who is a resident of Dikhenpura in Horana is due to be produced before the Horana Magistrate Court tomorrow(22).

Five workers of the Rubber factory have died after falling to the Ammonia Tank of the factory last thursday(19).

A Brother And His Sister Have Died Together After They Were Drifting Away By The Sea Waves

A 27 year old brother and his 24 year
old sister have died after strong sea waves drifted them away while viewing the light house  of Beruwala at reefs there  this morning(21) according to reports.

The brother and his sister had been pronounced as dead after admission to Beruwala Hospital following rescued through  the boats belongs to the light house.

The deceased along with their family members had arrived in a tourist hotel at Aluthgama for a holiday and they went to see the light house by a boat it has been revealed.

While viewing the light house in Beruwala located in a small island there two of the deceased and two other family members had drifted away by the sea waves according to Beruwala Police.However two of them had been rescued tbrough the boats and brother and sister were later rescued and admitted to the hospital where they were pronounced as dead.

They were identified as residents of Grandpass in Colombo.

The bodies of the deceased had been  sent to Nagoda Hospital for the post mortum.



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