Saturday, May 20, 2017

Foreign-The Glacier Breaks Apart And The Pieces Float Away To Sea


A 14 Year Old School Boy Was Killed After A Motorcycle Ridden By Him Met With An Accident

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A 14 year old school boy was killed after the Motorcycle he was travelling in crashed in to a tree this morning(21) near the road in Godigamuwa Junction,Mahiyanganaya.

The critically injured School Boy had succumbed to his injuries after admission to the Kandakatiya Hospital.

The deceased has been reported as ridden  the Motorcycle belongs to his friend without informing the owner when he met with the accident.

Kandakatiya Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.


Waiting for the Vet by Emile Vernon - 1919

Two Persons Were Killed Due To A Lorry Collision In Kuruwita

Image result for accident graphicTwo persons were killed and another two persons were injured and hospitalized after two lorries colliding with each other in Kuruwita,Rathnapura yesterday(20).

All the four injured including two drivers of the lorries have admitted to the Rathnapura General Hospital for treatment and two of them  one driver  and his assistant had succumbed to their  injuries after admission to the hospital.

The deceased had been identified as the residents of Kuruwita area.

Kuruwita Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

The Owner Of The Collapsed " Excellence " Reception Hall Building In Wellawatte Has Surrendered To The Police

Image result for surrendered to policeThe owner of the "Excellence" reception hall building in Wellawatte which collapsed on 18th of May by killing two persons and injuring twenty one others has been arrested by the Police after he was surrendered to the Police today(21).

Police have searched the owner of the collapsed building for questioning regarding the collapsed building in Charlemont Road behind the Savoy Cinema Hall in Wellawatte.

Two youths have died due to the incident and Armed forces and officials are engaged in rescue operation to rescue the missing since last Thursday(18).

Colombo Municipal Council To Take A legal action against The Owner Of The Collapsed Wellawatte Building

Colombo Municipal council has decided to take legal action against the owner of the collapsed 
Image result for wellawatte building collapse "Excellence" building in wellawatte as it is a illegal construction sources have stated.

Around two persons were killed and twenty one persons were injured  and hospitalized due to the collapsed  building.

Airport Customs Have Arrested A Sri Lankan With 181 illegal Cigarette Cartons

Airport customs officers have today (20) arrested a 45 year old Sri Lankan with 181 cigarette cartons illegally brought from Kuwait in Katunayake,Bandaranaike International Airport.

The estimated value of the cigarette cartons taken into custody is around Rs.1.8 million.

 Customs officers hsve imposed a Rs.100,000 fine on the suspect who is a resident of Colombo,

Norway To Boost Protection Of Arctic Seed Vault From Climate Change


Civil Aviation Authority Has Begun An Inquiry On The Smoke Occured In A Qatar Airways Flight

The Civil Aviation Authority has begun an inquiry to
find out the cause behind the  smoke that occurred inside the  Qatar Airways passanger Aircraft which made a sudden landing to Katunayake Bandaranaike International Airport last night (19) .

Due to the smoke around 217 passangers and the crew members of the Aircraft which flying to Doha at the time of the incident were disembarked from the flight soon after the landing of the Aircraft to Katunayake.

Some passangers in the Aircraft were already left to their destinations through other flights it has been revealed.


A Wild Elephant Had Been Critically Injured After Colliding With A Bus

A wild elephant had been critically injured after
colliding with a bus travelling from Dehiaththakandiya area to Colombo ,near the manampitiya bridge in Polonnaruwa in the wee hours of this morning (20).

The wild life officials had begun treating the elephant since this morning it has been reported.

A Body Of A Youth Recovered From The Debris Of The Collapsed Building Site In Wellawatte

A body of a 20 year old youth was recovered from the
debris of the collapsed "Excellence" building in Wellawatte this evening (20) it has been reported.

The youth had been identified as a resident of Gregory Estate in pathana,Hatton.

Accordingly two persons were killed due to the building collapse on 18th of May and twenty one were injured and hospitalized.

Meanwhile the relatives held a protest at the Gregory Estate in Hatton by demanding to find out the youth who was inside the building when it collpased.

Eighteen Persons Were Injured Due To A Collapse Of Kovil Building

Eighteen persons were injured and hospitalized after
a newly constructing building in Muththumari Amman Kovil in Ariyampathi area,Batticaloa collapsed this evening (20).

The  injured who were attached to the construction work of the building admitted to the Ariyampathi Hospital and 12 of the critically injured had been transferred to the Batticaloa Hospital for further treatment.

The building was collapsed while laying the concrete slab in the sixth floor of the building it has been revealed.


All Island Curfew Schedule To Be Changed From Tomorrow(06)

Government has amended  the current curfew schedule implemented in the country daily from tomorrow (06)according to the President's ...