Friday, June 15, 2012

Entomology Assistant Officers Blamed Authorities For Not Destroying Dengue Mosquito Larvae Earlier

The Entomology Assistant Officers have claimed that they warned both the Health Ministry and several Government Institutions few months ago on exceeding  levels of Dengue Mosquito Larvae more than 15 of it's measuring index in more than 15 MOH Areas throughout the island.But due to little attention paid on this the Dengue Epidemic spreading in these areas rapidly these days they have stressed.

If action was taken to destroy these dengue mosquito larvae earlier when they informed on that, the number of dengue patients and dengue related deaths reporting now should have been reduced to a certain level they have revealed.The normal level  of Dengue Mosquito Larvae should be in an area according to it's measuring index is 5.

According to Lady Ridgway Children's Hospital sources around 90 to 120 suspect dengue cases are admitting to hospital daily and  some of them are transferred from outstation hospitals .As all six wards of the Hospital are having these dengue suspect child patients, mosquito nets were distributed to all children receiving treatment at the hospital as a precautionary measure  to prevent spreading of disease to other children.

Exploding Of Rock At Colombo Harbor Have Caused Several Tremors In Colombo

The small scale tremors occurred in several parts of  Colombo District during last few weeks which shaken number of buildings and houses are due to the explosives exploded by Sri Lanka Ports Authority to blast a huge rock found when expanding the sea area of the authority it has been revealed.There was a belief among people earlier  that these tremors occurred as a part of earth tremors. Meanwhile the  huge rock was found last week  during expanding of port sea area is in 200 meters in depth of the sea sources said.

Since than the authorities under  supervision of geological survey and mines bureau  have carried out explosions to blast the rock by using heavy explosives .However it has been revealed that they have used an excessive amount of explosives more than required for these blasts and due to this   some powerful tremors were occurred in several buildings in Colombo.Yesterday (15th) morning too some tremors occurred in some buildings attached to Colombo Harbor which caused panic among workers there.As the authorities  have been not alarmed either harbor workers or residents near by on these explosions it created an unnecessary panic situation says some officials

Cabinet Has Decided To vest Powers Of Appointing All.Foreign Mission Members To President

Cabinet has today (24)approved a Cabinet paper submitted by President Gotabaya Rajapakshe to  vest the powers of appointing  all  the Fo...