Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Customs Removed The Restrictions Imposed On Wearing Gold Jewelery While Travelling Abroad

Sri Lankan Customs has decided to remove the restrictions imposed over passengers on wearing gold jewelery while traveling abroad.after  custom officials have received information on an illegal trade of human smuggling by wearing gold jewellery, they recently imposed restrictions that a females going abroad  should  wear  gold jewelery that not exceed 15 pounds  while the jewellery wear by males who are traveling abroad should not exceed 5 pounds.

However these restrictions have been removed  after
public made complaints against the restrictions.

Government Hospital Radiographers To Launch One Day Sick Note Campaign This Thursday

The Government Hospital Radiographers are  decided to launch one day island wide sick note campaign this Thursday(12) by demanding fill the shortage of radiographers in hospitals through radiography graduates instead through  advanced level passers.

Due to this sick note campaign all radiography tests including X Rays,C.T Scan Tests and MRI Scan Tests will be stopped in all government hospitals during this  Thursday according to Government Radiographers Union.

The Health Ministry has trying to fill the severe shortage of Radiographers in Government Hospitals through Advanced Level Passers although there are enough Graduates in Radiography passing out from Government Universities the Secretary of Radiographers Union Mr.Dharamakeerthi Apa has said.around 50 Radiography Graduates are passing out from government universities annually and through them can fill the shortage easily he has stressed.

Thousamds Of Cinemas In China Under Threat Of Closure

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