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CID Inquiring On Leaking Of Grade 5 Scholarship Examination Paper Prior To Exam

The criminal investigations department(CID) has been inquiring on whether there's a leek in examination paper prior to grade 5 scholarship examination  which was held throughout the island last Sunday(26)according to examinations commissioner w.m.j.n.j pushpakumara the inquiry is conducting due to the allegations made by several sections including some teachers trade unions who are stated  that the grade 5 scholarship exam paper was leaked before the examination.

Some teachers trade unions requested education authorities to annul the scholarship examination and re held it in a view of thousands of students who faced injustice  due to leak of examination paper.

Janitorial Service Tenders Of 54 Government Hospitals Gone Astray

A large scale financial fraud occurred during handing over janitorial tenders (cleaning services)of 54 Government Hospitals to private companies for 2012-2013 period it has been revealed,The fraud occurred when handing of said tenders to government hospitals vested to ministry of health at a cost of Rs.3 billion sources said.

A sum of Rs.12 million had exchanged as commissions during tender procedure which  3 of the powerful persons in the health ministry including a minister got involved sources further added.a sum of rs.3 billion spending for janitorial services is a total waste of public money which can be utilized to purchase out of stock drugs in hospitals health ministry officials these tenders solely handled by higher officials of the ministry they do not even requested the service of a labor officer to calculate wages of laborers involved in janitorial service which is must according to labor laws officials have said.

Also due to improper way of handling these tender d…