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A Large Stock Of Whey Protein Contained Milk Powder and Milk Products Have Removed From Sales Oulets

The Public Health Inspectors have taken 142,426 packs/bottles of Whey Protein and Whey Powder contained Milk Powder,Milk Products and drinks in to custody during last week and sealed them according to Sri Lanka Public Health Officers Union .the secretary of the Union Mr.Senerath Bandara has said that these Milk Products and Drinks were taken into custody during the raids carried  out in 10,719 sales outlets throughout the island.

During these raids public health inspectors have removed 63,266 slabs of Whey Powder contained Chocolates,19,256 packets of Milk Powder,19,351 packets of Infant Milk Powder ,20,591 bottles of liquid milk products ,14,516  packets of milk products and 5446 bottles /Cannes of Energy Drinks Mr.Senerath has said.these Whey Protein and Whey Powder contained Milk Powder and Milk Products will be out of shelves in all sales outlets throughout the island until investigation on these products completed he has stressed.

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