Thursday, October 19, 2017


Roads In Ampara City Had Been Submerged Due To Heavy Showers

Roads in Ampara City had been submerged due to the
heavy showers prevailed in the city  this evening (19) it has been reported.

Business places and vehicles too had got submerged due to the flood waters .

Colombo High Court Has Sentenced A Person 36 Year Imprisonment Over Sexually Molesting A Boy

Colombo High Court has today (19)sentenced a 48 year
old  father of three chilldren  a 36 year imprisonment over sexually molesting a 13 year old boy on 01st of May 2002.

The accused had sexually molested the boy at Grandpass area in Colombo  it has been revealed.

After found guilty over the charge ,Colombo High Court judge Gihsn Kulathunge had sentenced the accused a 36 year  imprisonment and mposed a Rs.15,000 fine.The judge also ordered the accused to pay a Rs.300,000 compansation to the victimized boy.

Railway Trade Unions To Launch An Island Wide Strike Tomorrow (20)

Four catagories of Railway workers including Train
drivers are due to launch an Island wide strike from midnight tomorrow night (20) by demanding several service demands including to solve their salary anomalies the Railway trade unions have today (19) announced.

Accordingly Train drivers ,Station Masters ,Rail Guards and controllers will launch the strike according to Unions.

Railway trade unions had launched an Island wide strike on evening of 11th of October by opposing the system of  recruiting assistant Engine drivers to the service ,however suspended the strike after intervention of Presidential secretary Austin Fernando.

Foreign-New Zealand Elected It's Youngest Female Prime Minister


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SATHOSA To Reduce The Price Of Imported Samba By Rs.4

SATHOSA has decided to reduce the price of One Kilo  of  imported Samba Rice by Rs.4 with effect from midnight tonight(19) according to the chairman of SATHOSA Dr.T.M.K.B Tennakoon.

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Accordingly the Price of a Kilo Gramme of imported Samba Rice will be reduced to Rs.60 per kilo gramme from Rs64 per kio gramme.

Former Chief JMO In Colombo Ananda Samarasekare Had Been Granted Bail After Surrendered To The Additional Colombo Magistrate

Related imageThe former Chief Judicial Medical Officer (JMO)in Colombo Dr.Ananda Samarasekare who wasfound guilty over missing the bone parts of murdered former Sri Lankan Rugby Player Wasim Thajudeen had been granted bail today(19) after being surrendered before the Colombo Additional Magistrate.

The former JMO had been surrendered to the Colombo Additional Magistrate Jeyaram Trosky due to the rumors spreading on his arrest over Thanjudeen's murder it has been revealed.

After surrendered he had been released on three personal bails of Rs.500,000 each and a foreign tour ban too imposed on him.

A 36 Year Old Patient Has Died After Falling Down From The Warakapola Hospital Building

A 36 year old patient has died after falling down to the ground from the fourth floor of the Warakapola Base Hospital today(19).
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The patient who had been admitted to the Hospital on Tuesday(17) had fallen down to the ground and had succumbed to his injuries due to the serious wounds he has received.

The reason behind his fall has not yet been revealed and Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

JMO Of The Dambulle Base Hospital Made A Complaint To The Child And Womens Bureau Over A Wrong Punsihement Given By School Authorities To A Female Student

Image result for wrong punishmentThe Judicial Medical Officer(JMO) attached to the Dambulla Base Hospital had complained to the Child And Womens Bureau regarding a wrong punishment given by the Principal and a Disciplinary Committee of a government school in Madatugama at Dambulle area to a Grade 10 female student by falsely accusing the student that she is pregnant after vomiting in the school .

The Principal and the Disciplinary Committee had expelled the female student over vomiting in the school which later proved as done due to a starvation it has been revealed.

The victim is belonging to a poor family in Havanthannegama at Madatugama area.

The truth behind the vomiting incident of the student has been revealed after the poor parents of her who are involved in temporary work to earn  money for the family have admitted the student to Dambulle Base Hospital for a check up.The Gynecologist of the hospital has confirmed after a medical test that the female student is not pregnant or faced any sexual assault .

As the School authorities had  expelled the female student from the school for a reason fabricated by them, the student has been reported as suffering from a mental down fall since then and currently she is receiving treatment at Dambulle hospital over that condition it has been reported.Once the student attempted to killed her self which was prevented by the hospital staff it has been revealed.

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