Thursday, November 18, 2010

President To Sworn In For His Second Term Tomorrow

President Mahinda Rajapaksha is scheduled to be sworn in on his second term as president tomorrow(19th) at the Presidential Secretariat in Colombo-01.The main opposition the United National Party(UNP) has decided to boycott the sworn in ceremony tomorrow by saying that a large sums of money has  spent by the government to organize this event

Medical Research Institute Made Mosquito Bite Preventing Cream

The Medical Research Institute(MRI) in Colombo  has successfully made a cream which can prevent mosquito bites according to the Ministry Of Health.This cream which is made by using local herbs is due to introduced to the local market early next year.

According to the Health Ministry this new cream able to prevent any mosquito bites and the trials regarding this  product proved to be successful.The National Dengue control Unit is funding for making this cream.

White Flag Case Postponed Till 23rd Of November Due To General's Illness

High Court in Colombo today decided to postpone the hearing of white flag case till 23rd of November due to the hospitalization of  defendant of the case imprisoned former Army Commander general sarath fonseka.

The three member judge panel conducting the case also informed prison authorities to provide general fonseka a prison cell without leaking roof and an exercise machine to keep his lungs work as requested by his lawyers.General Fonseka has suffering lung infection due to lack of exercise in the prison cell and he is advised to take regular exercises to keep his lungs healthy as metal pieces there inside  his lungs due to the suicide bomb attack he faced  few years back.

First Ship Arrived The Newly Built Port In Hambanthota

The First Ship arrived  the newly built Mahinda Rajapaksha International Harbor at Hambanthota in Southern Province of Sri Lanka today with  presence of  creator of the Port President Rajapaksha.The first phase of  newly built Port in Hambanthota begun two years ago and finished recently with the cost of Rs.360 million .

The first ship arrived  the new port from  Galle Port in Southern Province with the blessings of Buddhist Priests.President Rajapaksha also celebrated his 65th birth day today.

Medical Supplies Division Withdrawn A Stock Of Low Quality Paracetamol From Govt.Hospitals

The Medical Supplies Division had withdrawn a stock of Paracetamol BP 500mg Tablets  distributed to the Government Hospitals with immediate effect after lab tests confirmed that the stock is in low quality.According to the Medical Supplies Division Sources the Stock of low quality Paracetamol Tablets were imported from an Indian Drug Company and due to expired in October 2013.

The National Drug Quality Assurance Lab confirmed from their report that the above stock of Paracetamol is in low quality as it not include the required substances when manufactured.

Based on the Laboratory Test Report the Director of  Medical Supplies Division has sent a circular dated 2010-10-14 to all the Hospital Directors directing the withdrawal of  Paracetamol stock.Meanwhile a spokesman of the Supplies Division said that Indian Drug Company that supplied the above Paracetamol stock has promised to supply a replacement stock and  still they did not received that stock.


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