Friday, August 31, 2018

A Youth Was Killed Due To A Wild Elephant Attack

A 18 year old youth was killed due to a

Wild Elephant attack last night (31) at Malayarkattu area in Vellaveli, Batticaloa District.

The deceased who was a resident of Malayarkattu area was killed when he and few others attempting to chased away a group of Wild Elephants arrived at a Crop cultivation  last night .

Prices Of 25 Essential Drugs And Equipment Including 10 Highly Priced Cancer Drugs To Be Reduced From Midnight Tonight (01)

Ministry Of Health,Nutrition and
Indeginous Medicine Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has today (01)announced the prIce reduction of 25 Essential Drugs and Equipment including that of 10 highly priced Cancer Drugs ,13 Essential Drugs and 02 equipment with effect from midnight tonight (01).

Drugs prescribed for Diabetes ,Asthma,Epilepsy ,Nervous disorders and Cholesterol are among the Drugs that are scheduled to be reduced from midnight tonight.Altogether prices of around 1000 drug varieties with trade names will be regulated through this price reduction according to Health Minister .

The price of the highly priced "Tabsumab"Cancer drug to be reduced to Rs.95,000 from its current price Rs.144,000 under the price reduction  it has been revealed.

The Gazette Notification regarding this price reduction of Essential Drugs and Equipment had been issued last night (31) by the National Drug Regulatory Authority  under the signature of Health Minister.

According to the Gazette Notification tender  prices of 10  highly priced Cancer Drugs and maximum retail price of 13 essential drugs and 02 equipment  ,The Blood Glucose Indicator and Blood Glucose Strips had been regulated.

Health Minister has announced the prIce reduction of the new set of drugs and equipment after opening the 39 th State Owned Osu sala pharmacy at Peradeniya University premises this morning (01).




Station Master At "Shravasthipura" Railway Station Avoided A Collision Of Two Trains Travelled On Same Rail Track

Station Master at "Shravasthipura"
Railway Station had avoided a possible head on Collision between an Express train and a Slow Train travelled on the same Rail track  this morning (31) at Shravasthipura Railway station,Anuradhapura  .

Accordingly the "Yaldevi" Express train travelling from Mount Lavinia to Kankasanthurai and a Slow Train travelling from Colombo to Madawachchiya were stopped by station Master  by changing the rail track of Yaldevi express train to avoid a possible Collision it has been revealed.

Last week also a similar possible Collision between two trains has been avoided by the Same station Master according to reports.

Bone Parts Of 114 Human Bodies Had Been Recovered From A Mass Grave In Mannar

Bone  parts of around 114 human
bodies including bodies of 12 children had been recovered from a Mass Grave at old CWE Building in Mannar so far it has been revealed.

The excavations of the Mass Grave had begun on 01st of July this year and excavation work continues although the heavy showers prevailing in the area had disrupted  the activities the Authorities have stated. 

An Indian National Was Arrested With 20 Kilo Grammes Of Gold

An Indian National arrived in from
ChennaI,  South India had been arrested with 20 Kilo Grammes of Gold in his possession at the Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport today (31) by the officers attached to Criminal Investigations Department  (CID) at Katunayake and Police Narcotic Bureau .

The suspected Indian National had hidden the stock of Gold in his cloths and brought to Sri Lanka illegally it has been revealed.

The estimated value of the stock of Gold taken in to custody in possession of the suspect is around Rs.130 million.



Only Number One Zone Of Yala Park Will Be Closed Temporarily For Two Months -Rest Of The Zones Remains Open

Only number one Zone of Yala Wild Life Park will be closed temporarily for a two month period from tomorrow (01) until 01st of November according to the Wild Life Conservation Department. 

Accordingly number two ,Three and four  zones of the Wild Life Park will be opened for Tourists as usual and Tourists can access to these Zones through Galge-Kataragama entry Department has stated.

The Zone number one of the Yala Park will be closed temporarily for renovation work of road system and Tourist resorts ,Developing of infrastructure facilities and allow Wild animals to freely move in the Zone it has been revealed.

Court Has Ordered To Arrest Four Buddhist Monks Over Damaging State Property

Colombo Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne has today (31)ordered the Police to arrest four Buddhist Monks and produced before the court over damaging state properties during a protest campaign of disables soldiers held in Colombo in 2016.

The Magistrate has issued warrants to arrest Venerable Bengamuwe Nalaka, Madille Pangnaloka ,IhathaKande Saddathissa and Magadille Sudantha thero's and produced them before court over the charges against them.

The Magistrate has made this order when taken up the court case filed against the incident today.

However Magadille Sudantha Thero Has stated that they didn't receive any court order on the arrest and four Thero"s will be appeared before the court on Monday.

Court Of Appeal Had Rejected To Allow Lawyers Of Galagodaatte Thero To File An Appeal Against Prison Sentence

Two member Judge Panel of the Court
Of Appeal had today (31)rejected the request made by the Lawyers of Imprisoned General Secretary of Bodu Bala Sena Organization Venerable Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thero to allow them to file an Appeal at Supreme Court against Galagodaatte Thero's Prison sentence .

The Judge Panel comprised of   President of Court Of Appeal Prethi Darman  Surasena and Shiran Gunaratna had decided not to allow Thero's lawyers to file an Appeal at Supreme Court .Galagodaatte Thero Has been  sentenced to 19 year rigorous Imprisonment to be served in 06 years on 08 th of August over contempt of Court charges .

However some members of Bodu Bala Sena Organization have stated that they will file an Appeal at Supreme Court against the prison sentence of Galagodaatte Thero.

A 60 Year Old Female Tea Plucker Has Died Due To A Wasp Attack

A 60 year old female Tea Plucker has
died and six other Tea Pluckers had been injured and hospitalized due to a Wasp attack at a Tea Estate in Urubokka area ,Matara today (31)

The injured Tea Pluckers were admitted to Urubokka Hospital for treatment .The deceased was identified as a resident of Urubokka area.


Those Who Avoids Quarantine Will Be Punished -DIG Ajith Rohana

The Grace period provided for  those who had arrived from Overseas from 16-19 th of  March  to register at the nearest Police station  fo...