Thursday, May 5, 2016


A Bug Closed Down A Government School In Hatton

Image result for closed downDue to a a kind of Bug spreading in, the Anfield Tamil School at Dikoya,Hatton Area has been temporarily closed down yesterday (05)by the Education Authorities in Hatton Educational Zone.

According to the reports since few days a variety of Bug has been recovered form the School Premises.The Public Health Inspector has taken steps to spray an insecticide  in the school  yard in view of  controlling  the spreading of the bug .


Sri Lanka Navy Detained 14 Local Fishermen While Engaged In Illegal Fishing

Sri Lanka Navy have arrested 14 Sri Lankan Fishermen who were engaged in illegal fishing in Sri Lankan Waters at Batticloe,Mannar and Kilinochchi Areas .

The Navy Officers have taken in to custody five small boats ,Three Fishing Boats and a stock of sea cucumber,crabs and another species in the possession of the detained Sri Lankan Fishermen.

The detained Fishermen were handed over to the regional fisheries offices for further investigations.

Air Port Customs Have Detained Four Sri Lankans With A Stock Of 132,000 Illegal Cigarettes In Their Possession .

The Airport Customs Officers have arrested four Sri Lankans who arrived in Katunayake Bandaranaike International Air Port yesterday(05)from Doha,Qatar with a stock of 132,000 illegal Cigarettes in their possession .

The estimated value of the stock of illegal cigarettes arrested in the possession of four suspects is Rs.4,641,000 the Air Port Customs have stated.

The Air Port Customs are conducting further investigations on the incident.


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Former Crimes OIC In Narahenpita Police Has Been Further Remanded Over Former Rugby Player's

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The former Crimes OIC of Narahenpita Police Sumith Perera who had been arrested for hiding evidence in the murder of former Sri Lankan Rugby Player Wasim Thajudeen has been further remanded until 12th of May by the Colombo Additional Magistrate yesterday(05).

The suspected former Crimes OIC Of Narahenpita Police Station has been further remanded after being produced before Colombo Additional Magistrate yesterday.

The Criminal Investigations Department(CID) has also informed the Court during the case that there is a contradiction in the statements made by  suspect in connection with the case.

Voting In Parliament For Supplementary Sum Of Rs.55 Million Moved By The Government Ended Up With A Tie

Image result for sri lanka parliament'The voting that taken place in Parliament yesterday(05) on the Supplementary Sum of Rs.55 Million moved by the Government for the Fiscal Year 2016  ended up with a tie by 31 voted for and 31 against ,it has been reported.

Due to the tie in the voting a fresh vote on the Supplementary Sum is expected to be taken in the Parliament.

Government has moved the supplementary sum of Rs.55 Million as the article 151 of the constitution has stated that Parliament may by law set up contingencies fund for urgent and unforeseen expenditure. 

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