Sunday, March 5, 2017

Polluted Environments killed 1.7 Million Children Each Year -WHO Says

Navy Arrested 24 Indian Fishermen With 4 Boats In Sri Lankan Waters

Sri Lanka Navy personal yesterday(05)
 Arrested 24 Indian fishermen while
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  illegally fishing in Sri Lankan waters .

Accordingly 15 Indian Fishermen were arrested while fishing between Kachchathivu and Thalaimannar and handed them over to the Thalaammar assistant director of fisheries for future course of action and 9 Indian Fishermen were arrested while fishing ibbNadunathivi area and handed over them to fisheries officials in Kankasanthurai Fisheries officials .

Navy had also taken into the custody the four boats the Indian  fishermen were in.

OIC Of The Community Police Unit In Maradana Police Committed Suicide

The Officer in Charge (OIC) Of the comunity police unit
attached to the Maradana (Colombo )Police Station had committed suicide today (05) by hanging himself in his rest room .

The cause for the suicide has not yet been revealed and the body of the deceased due to be sent to the Colombo National Hospital for the Post Mortem.


A 12 Year Old Student Was Killed And His Mother Injured Due To A Motor Car -Motor Cycle Collision

A 12 year old student was killed and his
mother was injured and hospitalized due to a Motor Car -Motor Cycle collision occurred on Anuradhapura-Trincomalee main road this morning (05).

The injured mother who was riding the Motor Cycle has been admitted to the Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital for treatment.

The Naval rating who was driving the car belonging to the Sri Lanka Navy had been arrested by the Kahatagasdigiliya Police regarding the accident .The accident occurred when the Navy Vehicle attempted to overtake the Motor Cycle.


A 31 Year Old Pregnant Female Was Killed Due To Motor Car Accident In Bandarawela

A 31 year old pregnant mother was killed and her two year old daughter
escaped without any injuries after the Motor Car the Mother drove fallen down a 200 feet deep precipice in aththalapitiya ,Bandarawela this morning (05).

The Car fallen down the precipice when the deceased attempted to park it on a slab in a multi storied house it has been revealed.

The deceased female had been identified as a resident of helamuduna ,Bandarawela.Her two year old daughter who was in the vehicle at the time of the accident escaped unharmed.

Three Corona Positives Reported Today (01)Whilst Four Positives Were recovered And Discharged

Three Corona Virus positives had been identified from Sri Lanka  within today (01) until now increasing the total number of positives id...