Saturday, October 15, 2016


Germany To Assist Sri Lanka To Achieve Development Goals

The German Ambassador to  Sri Lanka Jorn Rhode has stated that the German Government is willing to provide their assistance to Sri Lanka when achieving  proposed development goals.

During a meeting held with Sri Lanka's Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake the German Ambassador has stressed that the High Level Business Community in his country is expecting to invest in Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan government should support them and provide infrastructure facilities to them the Ministry of Finance has 

A 65 Year Old Person Had Been Arrested For Sexually Abusing Four Girls In Kandy

The Police Officers attached to the  Kandy Division of Children and Women's Bureau had today (15) arrested a 65 year old person (Kattadiya) for sexually abusing four girls in several occassions at Rajagala in Kandy(Central Province).

Teldeniya Magistrate has remanded the suspect until 26th of October after being produced before the Magistrate.

During the Police Investigations it has been revealed that the suspect had offered money and fruits to the girls to get their consent to the sexual abuse and threatened the girls  and their family members that he will kill them .

Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.


Special Police Task Force In Colombo Arrested 370 Kilos Of An Expensive Wallapatta

The Special Police Task Force Personal had today (15)arrrested around 370 Kilo Grammes Of an expensive "Wallapatta" (Gyrinops) which prepared to smuggle out of the country illegally at kosgala and godigamuwa areas in Rathnapura District.

Western Countries are using the "Wallapatta" to make an expensive perfumes.

CID Has Begun An Investigation On The Suicide Of A Higher Rank Army Officer In Kegalle

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) has begun an investigation on the suicide of a higher rank Army Officer who was hanged himself at his house in Kegalle after writing  a letter stating he is responsible for killing former Sunday Leader Editor Lasantha Wikramathunge according to  the Inspector General Of Police Pujitha Jayasundara.

Although a person has stated that  he is responsible for a killing and committed suicide doesn't mean Police should believe thatvand the investigation has launched to find out unanswered questions behind the suicide he has stressed.

The CID officials who begun an  investigation on the suicide incident  had gone to Kegalle to gather evidence it has been reported.


An Airman Attached To Katunayake Air Force Has Shot And Killed Himself

An Airman attached to the Air Force Base in Katunayake had shot and killed himself while at work according to the Seeduwa Police.

The crtically injured Airman has rushed to the Negambo District General Hospital where he had succumbed to his injuries after admission to the Hospital the Police have stated.

The post mortem of the deceased is due to be held at Negambo Hospital and Seeduwa Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

Around 30 Female Tea Estate Workers Had Been Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Wasp Attack

Around 30 female Tea Estate Workers attached to the Bagawanthalawa (Central Province)Tea Estate were injured and hospitalized this morning due to a Wasp attack according to the sources.

The injured female workers were admitted to the Bagawanthalawa Provincial Hospital for treatment.

Bagawanthalawa Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

Kosgoda Police Have Recovered A Stock Of Explosives And Bullets From An Abandoned Land At Kosgoda

Kosgoda Police  have today (15) recovered 1200 grammes of powerexplosives belonging to C-4 variety and 18 bullets use for T-56 guns from an abandoned land at Hagalle in Kosgoda Area.

The stock of explosives and bullets were stored inside a plastic bag according to the Police.

When questioned ,the owner of the abandoned land has told the Police that he didn't visit  the land more than  five months.

Kosgoda Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.


Foreign News- Heart Surgery Patients At Risk For Deadly Infection-US Centers For Disease Control

What has  happened to the western Medicine?.Lots of lapses are being  occurring .Governments should promote Indeginous Medicines and Homeopathy which have no side affects.

A Sudden Fire Erupted In Kotahena

A sudden fire had erupted at  a Super Market  in  Kotahena(Colombo)this morning according to the sources.

The Colombo Fire Brigade has arrived in the scene and doused the fire before it spreads further.

No casualties had been reported due to the fire and the cause of the  Fire not yet  been revealed Police have stated.

Two Females Were Killed And Another Two Were Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Three Wheeler-,Cab Collision

Two  females  were killed and another two including a three year old child were injured and hospitalized early this morning due to a Three Wheeler-Collision occurred at Madola Area on Rathnapura-Awissawella Main  Road it has been reported.

The injured were admitted to the Colombo National Hospital for treatment.

The accident occurred when the Three Wheeler tried to overtake another vehicle and as a result it collided head on with a Cab  according to the Police.

Italian Boy Escapes Brown Bear