Friday, January 25, 2019


Fire Erupted In Three Places Today (26)

Sudden Fires erupted in Three places in the Island today (26) damaged a Building,A Factory
and Temporary Shops at Slave Island ,Wattala and Mawanella areas respectively according to reports.

Accordingly a sudden fire has erupted in  a Building at Sri Jinaratna Road in Slave Island this morning damaged the building and two fire trucks belonging to the Colombo Municipal Council fire brigade had  used to douse  the fire and two fire trucks of the Municipal Council had doused a fire erupted at a Cardboard Factory at Handala,Wattala in wee hours of this morning (26) it has been revealed.

In another instance Few Temporary Shops at Mawanella area had been damaged due to a sudden fire erupted there this morning ..Police along with Fire brigade attached to Mawanella Pradeshiya Sabha and residents if the area have doused the fire.

No one was injured due to these incidents and  reasons behind these fires have not yet been revealed..
The value of the damages had not yet been estimated it has been reported.

A Person Has Drowned Whilst Bathing In Sea

A 45 year old person has drowned whilst bathing in sea area at Wairankattuwa in
Arachchikattuwa after drifting away by strong sea waves yesterday(25).

The deceased who was a fisherman had faced this incident whilst bathing after catching prawns in a Lagoon at Wwairankattuwa last night  it has been revealed.

Fishermen had recovered the body of the deceased during a search mission.

Arachchikattuwa Police are conducting an investigations over the incident.

Estate Owners Have Agreed To Increase Daily Wage Of Estate Workers From Rs.500 To Rs.855

Estate Owners have agreed to Increase the Daily wages of  Estate Workers from Rs.500 to Rs.855 out of it  Rs.155 to  be allocated for the workers EPF and other allowances ,during the talks held between Minister of Labor and Trade Union relations Ravindra Samaraweera,Labor Commissioner ,Estate Owners Association and Three Estate Workers Unions at Ministry of Labor and Trade Union relations in Colombo yesterday (25).

Accordingly Estate Owners Association has agreed to increase the Daily wage of Estate Workers from Rs.500 to Rs.700 and to add another Rs.155 for Workers EPF contribution and other allowances it has been revealed.

In addition Estate Owners have agreed to increase the payment providing to Workers for the plucking of 1 Kilo Grammes of Tea Leaves from Rs.25 to Rs.40.

The agreement regarding increasing Daily wage of Estate Workers to be signed between Ministry and Estate Owners on this Monday(28).

Government Hospitals And Institutes Are Being Faced With A Severe Shortage Of Physiotherapists -Only 605 Therapists Are Available Whilst Need At Least 5000

physiotherpists in sri lanka සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලThere's a severe shortage of Physiotherapists in Government Hospitals and Institutions of Sri Lanka at present  whilst at least around  5000 Therapist needs to provide Physiotherapy for 21 million population in the country only 605 Therapists are currently serving in Government sector according to the secretary of the Government Physiotherapists Union  T.P  .

Out of the 605 Physiotherapists serving in Government Sector around 100 Therapists are attached t o Sri Lanka's largest Government Hospital Colombo National Hospital she has stated.However the Hospital demands more Therapists as the need on the rise Sje has stressed.

Remaining number of Physiotherapists are attached to Teaching and Base Hospitals and other Government Institutions it has been revealed.

"Now all Physiotherapists recruiting to Government sector are graduates as Physiotherapy Degree courses created in State Universities and  they can provide a good quality Physiotherapy service according to the Union Secretary .

People  think that Physiotherapy can only help to rehabilitate those disable and  injured persons .However the Therapy it self can be provided  to cure  many more diseases including   non communicable diseases like  Diabetes and Heart Diseases.Also the Therapy can cure Cerebral Palsy a condition develop by new born infants due to lack of oxygen they have received during the birth as well as Down syndrome if those children are taken to a Physiotherapist in early stage of the diseases   Ms.Satharasinghe has further said.




Two Persons Injured Due To An Accident In Southern Expressway

Two persons had been injured and

hospitalized after the Jeep they were traveling in toppled over the Southern Expressway near 101 th Kilo Meter post lady noon (25).

The injured had been admitted to Karapitiya Teaching Hospital for treatment.

The incident occurred due to exploding of a rear wheel of the Jeep after entering the Expressway from Entry at Godagama ,Matara it has been revealed. 

Commercial High Court Issued An Interim Order Preventing The Screening Of Yesteryear Movie "Sujatha ' Until.08th Of February

Colombo Commercial High Court has
yesterday  (25)issued an interim order to Film conservationist Thissa Nagodawithana from screening and distribution of yesteryear Box office hit film "Sujatha " until 08th of February after considering a petition filed against screening the film .

Colombo Commercial High Court Judge Menaka. Ashan R.Marcar has issued an interim order after considering  a petition filed under the intellectual properties act by R.Pathmaraj  the eldest son of "Sujatha "producer late K.Gunaratnam .

Through the petition R.Pathmaraj has stated during the 83 July riots a large number of assets belonging to his father had been misplaced and "Sujatha"film is also misplaced .

Therefor he has requested the court to issue an interim order against screening the yesteryear film as it belongs his late father.

The popular film 'Sujatha "which was earlier screened in 1963 has been  re released to the film halls owned by Thissa Nagidawithana's Movie Producers and Importers Private Limited from 21 st of January after modernising the film it has been announced .

However although the distributor said the Movie was re released to mark 72 nd Anniversary of the Sinhala Cinema and it is  due to  screen free of charge for the public on 22 nd of January at TharanganI Hall belonging to National Film Corporation it never happened. 



A 24 Hour Water Cut To Be Imposed In A Section Of Colombo Tomorrow (26)

A 24 hour water cut will be imposed in ten areas in Colombo including Maharagama and Boralesgamuwa areas from 8 a.m tomorrow (26) to 8 a.m Sunday (27) due to an urgent repair work of a pipeline according to National Water Supplies and Drainage Board.

Accordingly Water cut will be imposed in Maharagama, Boralesgamuwa, Pannipitiya ,Rukmalgama,Kottawa ,Palanwatte ,Homagama, Meepe and Padukka areas .

Water Board has requested the public in the areas to store sufficient amount of water to use  during the water cut period. 

Around 04 Acres Of Land At A Pinus Reserve In Watawala Destroyed Due To A Fire

Around 04 acres of land belonging to a
Pinus cultivation at a reserve in Watawala ,Hatton had been destroyed due to a sudden fire erupted at the cultivation last night (25).

The fire which erupted in an area near the Tamil Collage in Watawala had extinguished this morning (25)due to the extreme cold weather condition and mist prevailed in the area it has been revealed.

The fire had spreads rapidly last  night due to the hot weather and strong winds in the area and Police believes a group of persons might have lit the fire in the reserve .

Watawala Police are conducting an investigations on the incident. 


Police Identified 24 Powerful Drug Smugglers Fled Away From The Country

The Department of Police has identified
24 Powerful Drug Smuggler who had fled away from the country recently according to the Police Media Spokesman Superintendent Of Police (SP )Ruwan Gunasekare .

The Department is currently considering  to confiscate the assets belonging to those smugglers SP Gunasekare had stated .

He has revealed this during a Drug Awareness Seminar held at Information Department in Narahenpita this morning  (25 )coincides with the National  Drug Awareness Week launched st schools  .

24 Indian Nationals Had Been Arrested With Expired Visas

The Immigration and Emigration
Department officials have arrested 24 Indian Nationals who had stayed in the country illegally with expired visas whilst working at a factory in ingiriya area ,Nugegoda this evening  (25).

The 24  suspects are due to be detained at Detention center at Mirihana ,Nugegoda until the investigations on them Is concluded. 


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