Friday, July 1, 2011

Health Ministry Fined Rs.21,00,000 From 2900 Premises During Anti Mosquito Week

The Ministry Of Health has taken legal action against 2900 Residents and Institution Owners Islandwide who were caught during the National Anti Mosquito week (20-25 June)for maintaining Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places and fined them Rs.21,00,000 according to the Health Ministry Sources.Legal Action will be taken soon against another 7167 Premises which are maintaining Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places Ministry Sources said.

Another 121,640 Premises which are in risk of breeding Dengue Mosquitoes identified during the Anti Mosquito Week and around 268,258 Premises which were informed to be clean will face a legal action if they are not able to clean their places withing the given two week period according to the Health Officials.

Meanwhile the Health Workers have said that although the Presidential Secretraiet along with Ministry Of Health have announced  that during the said Mosqutio Week Inspections will carryout throughout the Island the Dengue Control Activities have not seen in  most of the Sub Roads and Some Main Roads during the week.

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