Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dental Drug Shortage Expands Dental Filling Awaiting Lists In Government Dental Clinics

Mile High Dental Centers Oral Surgery, Denver Dentist, Oral Surgeon, Dentures, ImplantsThe Awaiting Lists of normal dental fillings and Nerve Fillings carried out in more than 100 government dental clinics island wide and in only Government Dental Hospital In Sri Lanka Colombo Dental Institute  are at risk of expanding 2 to 3 months further due to the severe shortage of Dental Drugs and Surgical  Government Dental Surgeons Association has said.

 Six  months long awaiting lists are there for  both Normal and Nerve Dental Fillings in Government Dental Clinics at present the president of Government Dental Surgeons Association Dr.Ananda Ratnayaka has said.a severe drug shortage including Euginol,Composite Bonding,GIC,Mercury use for Amalgum filling mixture and 0.5 mili meter stainless steel wires are out of stock these days according to Dr.Ratnayake,

Due to this Dental Surgeons in Government Hospitals have restricted performing normal and nerve dental fillings he has stressed.if the surgeons stopped performing all dental fillings and dental care activities due to the drug shortage dental patients will face enormous difficulties as they have to spend Rs.500-1000 per normal dental filling and rs.4000-10,000 per nerve filling if goes to
 private hospitals and dental clinics.

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