Friday, December 20, 2019

"අව්‍යාජ ආදරණීය මිත්‍රත්වයක් යනු අප අපටම අවංක වීමයි-දුන් පොරොන්දු හැකි පමණින් ඉටු කරමින් එකිනෙකා වෙනුවෙන් පෙනී සිටීමයි "

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Fifteen Persons Injured Due To A Collision Among Seven Vehicles At Galewela-Dambulla Road

Image result for accidentAround Fifteen persons had been injured and hospitalized due to a collision occurred among seven vehicles including a Tipper truck , A Lorry and a at yatigalpoththa area in Galewela -Dambulla main road  this morning (21).

The injured had been admitted to Galewela and Dambulla Base Hospitals for treatment .

The incident occurred after a Motor car and a Lorry had collided with each other and running  over the road amidst heavy showers prevailed in the area .When the Police was inspecting the incident a Tipper truck and a Van too collided with each other followed by a collision between  a Motor car and a Tipper with other vehicles stopped there due to the accident it has  been revealed.

Police have taken in to custody the vehicles collided with each other and the drivers of the vehicles over the incident .

Forces Have Rescued 54 Passamgers Trapped In A Bus Drifted Away By Flood Waters In Polonnaruwa

Forces along with relief groups had
rescued 54 passangers trapped inside  a Bus which drifted away due to Flood waters at Gallalla area in Polonnaruwa -Batticaloa main road this morning (21).

All 54 passangers including females,Pregnant mothers and infants trapped inside the Bus travelling from Maduru oya to Colombo had been rescued without injuries by the Police ,Army  and Civil Defence Force personal along with the relief groups according to Polonnaruwa police .

The incident occurred as a result of the submerged section  of the Polonnaruwa -Batticaloa Main Road between Manampitiya -Gallalla by 6 feet of water due to the heavy showers.



Red Notices On Landslide Risks Isuued To Seven Areas In Badulla

Disaster Management Center (DMC)has

issued red notices to seven Divisional secretariets in Badulla district which are at risk of  Landslides .

Accordingly Red notices had been issued to Haldummulla,Haputhale ,Ella ,Welimada ,Passara,Mahiyanganaya and Badulla Divisional Secretariets which are identified as landslide risk zones by National Building Research Organization (NBRO).

Disaster Management Center has requested the people living in these areas to move a way to safer places due to the risk of landslides .

Transport Activities Of A Section Of Polonnaruwa -Batticaloa Main Road Is Being Blocked Due To Floods

Transport activities between
Manampitiya and Gallalla areas at  Polonnaruwa-Batticaloa main road had been blocked as the  road between  Manampitiya and Gallalla is being submerged by 6 feets of water as a result of the overflowing of Mahaweli river and opening of the sluice gates of Parakrama Samudraya(Resetvoir) since this morning(21).

Mahaweli River had overflown from manampitiya area in Polonnaruwa and 08 out of 10 sluice gates belonging to Parakrama Samudraya had opened by one feet each due to the heavy showers prevailing in Polonnaruwa district at present according to Disaster Management Center .

Houses ,low and areas and many paddy fields in Polonnaruwa are currently being submerged due to this situation it has been reported.

People is being used the rail track to walk from Manampitiya to Gallalla area as a result of the submerged road .

Former CID Director SSP Shani Abeysekare Filed A Fundamental Rights Petition At Supreme Court Seeking Reinstatement In His Post

Former Director of Criminal
Investigations Department (CID )Senior Supirintendent of Police (SSP)Shani Abeysekare who had been demoted by transferring him as the personal assistant to Deputy Inspector General Of Police(DIG) in charge of Galle District by the National police commission ,had filed a fundamental rights petition  at Supreme Court yesterday (20)challanging his demotion and seeking reinstatement .

In his petition SSP Shani Abeysekare who is known as Sherlok Holmes of Sri Lanka police had requested to cancel his transfer and demotion and to make the government compansate him Rs.10 million for violating his fundamental rights .

SSP Abeysekare has named Attorney General Dappula De Livera ,acting IGP Chandana Wikramaratne ,Chairman of National Police Commission and 17 members of the Police commission as respondents of his petition .

National Police Commission last month approved the demotion transfer of SSP Abeysekare accordance to a recommendation of Acting IGP Wikramarstne.

Colombo Magistrate Dismissed The Bail Application Submitted By Former Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne -A Revised Bail Application Had Been Submitted Again

Colombo Chief Magistrate Lanka
Jayaratne has yesterday(20)dismissed the bail application submitted by former Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne requesting to  grant him bail without arresting him over a press briefing held on white van abductions .

The bail application had dismissed by the Colombo Chief Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne stating  that the application does not mentioned what are the charges against the bail applicant which might cause aresesting him.

Former Minister Dr.Senaratne had stated in his bail application  that the Criminal Investigations Departmemt (CID ) is attempting to arrest him over a statment made by two persons involved in criminals who had been arrested by the CID  over  a press briefing held on white van abductions during Rajapakshe regime before 2015.

Therefore he had requested the Magistrate to grant him bail without arresting him.

Dr.Senaratne had again submitted a revised bail application last evening requesting to grant him bail without arresting him to the Colombo Chief Magistrate .He had requested the Magistrate to consider his bail application on Monday .

CID has been named as the respondents of the case.


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