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Drug Company Reps.Affects Patient Care In Government Hospitals

Due to the presence of Drug Company Representatives in Government Hospital Clinics and Wards during working hours, patient care has been paralyzed  as those representatives trying to promote their products to consultant Doctors while they are  being  engage in treating patients hospital sources there is no law to restrict these drug reps by entering  government hospitals during working hours those reps are easily enter hospital premises at any time and doing their promotion work.

If the health authorities are banning  the  drug reps by entering government hospitals during working  hours it can prevent the said situation Hospital Directors said.

A Foreign Diplomatic Passport Holder Was Arrested With Large Haul Of Heroin

A Foreign Diplomatic Passport Holder was arrested at Katunayake Bandaranaike International Air Port this morning when trying to smuggle  30 Killo Grammes of Heroin in to the country according to Customs.the estimated value of the  haul of heroin taken in to custody is believe to be Rs.300 million custom sources revealed.

Investigations are already underway to ascertain the exact value and the weight of the heroin sources added.

Five Million Five Hundred Rupee Notes For CHOGM