Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Public Health Inspectors Have Thrown Out Unhygienic Food Prepared In 67 Alms Giving Centers

The Public Health Inspectors have today(14)  thrown out a large stock of   unhygienic food prepared and served in 67 Alms Giving Centers(Dansal) throughout the  island  which  are  set  up  to mark  Wesak Full Moon Poya Day the  Public Health Inspectors Association has said.the food that thrown out were unhygienic and not suitable for human consumption the association has stressed.

The Public Health Inspectors have checked majority out of the 4800 Alms Giving Centers situated Island wide according to them.

Buddhists Around The World Celebrating Wesak Festival Today(14)

The  Wesak Full Moon Poya Day which marks the Birth ,Enlightenment and Demise (Parinirvanaya) of the Lord Buddha the founder of Buddhism falls today(14).Millions of Buddhists around the globe including Sri Lankans  are celebrating the Wesak Festival through religious activities, giving alms and displaying colorful lanterns and pandals which are  portraying various life events of Lord Buddha .

Sri Lankan Buddhists have today celebrated this biggest religious event in their calender by attending religious activities in Buddhist temples island wide .a large number of alms giving centers too set up country wide to serve varieties of food including rice and local dishes for the people who are coming to see wesak decorations. a large number of colorful lanterns and pandals are seen displaying in the cities this year  to mark the event.

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