Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Bribery Commssion Has Arrested Two More Customs Officers In Connection With Rs.125 Million Bribery Case

The Bribery Commission has yesterday(24) arrested two more Customs Officers in connection with Rs.125 Million Bribery Raid carried out by the Commission  previously .

Accordingly Customs Officers Upali Wikramasinghe and  Wasantha Wimalaweera have been taken in to custody over their involvement of the Bribery Case .

Earlier the Bribery Commission Officials have arrested three Customs Officers while accepting the largest recorded bribe in Sri Lanka Rs.125 Million  on 15th of October 2015.


A Stern Action Will Be Taken Against Those Who Involved In Exploitation And Harassment Of Foreign Tourists -Tourism Minister

The Minister Of Tourism John Amarathunge has said on Wednesday (24) that the Sri Lankan Government will take stern action against those locals who involved in exploitation and harassment of Foreign Tourists.

As the number of Tourist Arrivals to Sri Lanka hitting record figures these days the Government is concerned on the increasing number of complaints received from Foreign Tourists on exploitation and harassment  against them.

"There is an increasing number of complaints received from Foreign Tourists arrived the country on exploitation and harassment especially in the southern and western coastal belts and from Cultural Triangle Sites and the complaints are ranging from Monetary Exploitation including short changing,overcharging and theft to harassment by Taxi Drivers,Salesmen and Tourist Guides" the Tourism Minister has said.

Minister Amarathunga has advised the Police Department to strengthen  the Tourist Police to suit the current needs.

Sri Lanka Is The "Shining Light " In Asian Region-New Zealand Prime Minister John Key

The visiting New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has said yesterday(24) that Sri Lanka can be seen as   the real "shining light" in the Asian Region.

The New Zealand Prime Minister who arrived in Sri Lanka on Tuesday(23) Night for a three day state visit has revealed this after signing of bi lateral agreements between Sri Lanka and New Zealand at the Presidential Secretariat in Colombo.

President Sirisena has welcomed the New Zealand Premier to the Presidential Secretariat.

Prime Minister Key has also said that New Zealand would like to build a greater presence in Colombo.

While Congratulating Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena on the leadership he has shown when dealing very effectively with the challenging issues of reconciliation and corruption the New Zealand Premier has said he can see the real opportunities and greater capacity for both Sri Lanka and New Zealand to work closer together.


A 64 Year Old German National Has Been Drowned To Death At Sea In Yalegama(Southern Province)

A 64 year old German National has been  drowned to death this morning at Sea in Yalegama of Induruwa,Kosgoda(In Southern Province) while sea bathing according to the Police.

The Body of the deceased German National has been taken to the Balapitiya(In Southern Province) Hospital for Post Mortum.


Picasso originally painted his Lovers so that the man was looking at the woman, but the woman was not looking back at the man. In my interpretation, I represented the female as strong and gazing back

US Chocolate Giant "Mars" Has Ordered A Massive Recall Of Their Chocolate Products From 55 Countries Including Sri Lanka

The US Chocolate Giant "Mars"has Tuesday(23) ordered a massive recall of their Chocolate Products manufactured at a plant in Netherlands and distributed to 55 Countries around the world including Sri Lanka after pieces of Plastic have found inside of  a "Snicker Bar" consumed by a person in Germany last month.

According to the US Based "Mars" Chocolate Company the decision behind the massive recall of their products is none other then a matter of quality as it has been revealed that the stock of Chocolate Products manufactured at a plant in  Netherlands not met the  required standards.

Under the massive recall of their products "Mars" has removed millions of chocolate bars including their famous products "Snickers",Milky Way Minis" and some boxes of " Celebrations ".

The massive recall of "Mars" Chocolate Products affected mainly in European Countries and it  has not affected the Company's Base in United States.

Five Prisoners Have Escaped By Assaulting Prison Guards At Kegalle Magistrate Court

Five Prisoners who are suspects for several crimes including burglaries have today(24) managed to escape after assaulting the Prison Guards while at the Kegalle Magistrate Court.However  One of the escaped prisoners has been captured by the authorities during the escape attempt  it has been reported.

The incident had occurred when the five Prisoners have been brought to produce before  Kegalle Magistrate Court around 3.45 p.m.

One of the Prisoners has been captured during the escape attempt and other four prisoners have been managed to flee from the Court Premises.

The Prison Authorities have  launched a search operation to arrest the four escaped prisoners who are residents of Kegalle and Nochchiyagama(In North Central Province) Areas.


Residents Of Vavuniya Have Launched A "Harthal" Campaign By Demanding Justice For Sexually Abused Victims

The residents of Vavuniya (In Northern Province) have launched a "Harthal" Campaign  since this morning by demanding justice for victims of Sexual Abuse including the 14 year old girl in Vavuniya who was recently raped and murder.

The Residents involved in "Harthal" have urged the Police to take an immediate action to arrest the suspects of rape and murder of 14 year old Vavuniya Resident and take action to prevent ongoing sexual abuse against women and Children in the country.

The authorities have deployed Army and Police Personal to restore peace in the area where the "Harthal " was staged.

Bribery Commission Officials Have Arrested The Principal Of Sanghabodhi Collage While Accepting A Bribe Of Rs.50,000

The Bribery Commission Officials have today(24) arrested the Principal of Sri Sanghabodhi Collage in Nittambuwa(In Colombo District) at Principal's Office while accepting  a bribe of Rs.50,000 from a parent to enroll a Grade Six Student to the School.

The suspect has been produced before the Attanagalle Magistrate Court later today.The Commission To Investigate  Allegations Of  Bribery Or Corruption is investigating further on the incident.


Another 38 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged Today (07) After Full Recovery

Another 38 Corona positives had been recovered and discharged today (07)from government Hospitals, increasing the total number of Corona...