Monday, March 25, 2019



Health Minister To Submit A Cabinet Paper To Convert The Kandy Hospital To A National Hospital

Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne is
preparing to submit a Cabinet Paper to the Cabinet to convert  Kandy General Hospital in to a National Hospital soon.

After converting  to a National Hospital Kandy General Hospital will become the second largest National Hospital in the country after Colombo National Hospital.

At the moment Rs.7000 million worth devolopment projects are underway in Kandy Hospital imcluding Cancer ward complex and Thalasrmia Ward Complex and after completion of  the number of projects The bed capacity of the Hospital  will be increaced by 3200 Beds it has been revealed.



Two Aides Of Dematagoda Chaminda Had Been Arrested With A Haul Of Heroin

Special Police Task Force personal have
today (25)arrested two accomplice of Organized criminal Dematagoda Chaminda at paliyagoda area with 50 grammes of Heroin in their possession.

Accordingly two suspects "Welipare Kasun and Lal. Baba had been arrested with the haul of heroin .

Sri Lankan Airlines Flight Made A Sudden Landing In Romenia Due To A Patient

Sri Lankan Airlines flight UL-504 which flying from London to Colombo has made an emergancy landing today (25)in Henri Coanda International Airport at Bucharest,Romania due to an urgent medical need of a passanger suffering from a kidney ailment ,Sri Lankan Airlines has announced.

Soon after the landing of the flight with 196 passangers on board to Bucharest the Airport medical teams have given required medical treatment to the patient it has been revealed.

The patient is currently recovering from the illness and the Passangers were given accomadation in hotels located in Bucharest until the flight is resume according to sources.

Five Persons Including Chairman Of Perpetual Treassuries Limited Arrested And Remanded Over Central Bank Bond Scam

Criminal Investigations Department
(CID)has today (25)arrested the chairman of Perpetual Treasuries Limited Geoffry Aloysius(Father of Arjun Aloysius who is on bail)  ,Three directors of Perpetual Treassuries Limited and former Deputy Governor of Central Bank over Central Bank bond scam issue.

The Five suspects Geoffry Aloysius ,Directors of Perpetual Treasuries Limited Ranjan Hulugalle ,Muthurasa  Surendran and Pushyamitra Gunawardana as well as the former Deputy governor of the Central Bank P.Samarasiri had been remanded until 05 th of April by the Colombo Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne after being produced them before the court this evening .

The lawyers appeared behalf of the suspects had requested bail for their clients ,However the Magistrate has refused to grant them bail as they had been arrested in connection with Fraudulant utilization  of money .

The former Deputy Central Bank Governor Samarasiri was acted as the chairman of the Tender Board during the controversial Central Bank Bond scam deal taken place on 27 th of February 2015 it has been revealed.

All suspects have given statements to CID during the invetigations on the Bond scam.

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Buddhist Clergy To Receive 5 Percent Discount When Purchasing Drugs From State Owned Pharmacies.

Minister Of Health Dr.Rajitha Seanaratne has today (2
5) advised the Chairman of the State Pharmaceuticals  Company (SPC) Dr.M.H.M Rumi to grant the 5 percent discount   provided to special categories  of persons when purchasing drugs from State owned Pharmacies (Rajya Osusala's ) to Buddhist clergy as well .

At the moment Pregnant mothers,Children under five years ,Persons over 55 years and those members of war heroes privileges cards are being received 5 percent discount when purchasing Medicines  through Osu Sala's .

Government Hospital Nurses To Report Sick Tomorrow (26) And The Day After (27)

Government Hospital Nurses are due to launch a two day sick not campaign tomorrow (26) and
the day after (27) by demanding solutions for eight of their service demands according to the President of the Public Services Nurses Union(PSNU) Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero.

Accordingly Nurses Union has informed all Nurses island wide to send telegrammes to their institutional heads that they will report sick leave tomorrow and the day after.

Public Services Nurses Union has demanded solutions for eight service demands including paying Rs.10,000 Accident allowance to All nurses ,Providing grade 2 promotions after five year service and increasing Uniform Allowance for both senior nurses as well as Trainee Nurses  Muruththettywe Thero has stressed.

Nurses attached to Accident services,Emergency units of Government Hospitals and De Soysa Maternity,Castle Street Maternity,Maharagam Apeksha ,Borella Lady Ridgway Children's Hospitals  will not participating  in the sick not campaign due to humanitarian reasons the Nurses Union has announced.

PSNU has decided to launch the trade union action as the meeting held with Health Minister Dr.Rajitah Senaratne on 15th of March at the Health Ministry regarding their service  demands ended without any result .