Saturday, March 24, 2018

Fist Non Stop Flight Arrives From Petth To London Covering 14,498 K.M


Five Persons Arrested With 50 Grammes Of Heroin

Special Police Task Force Crimes Investigation Unit

officers have arrested five persons  with 50 grammes of Heroin in their possession at Rathmalgoda, ,polgahawela and kurunagala areas yesterday (24) and taken into custody a Motorcycle and a Van used to transport the haul of Heroin.

Police have also taken in to custody the mobile phones belonging to the suspects.The Moyorcycle and Van taken in to custody were handed over to the Police Anti Narcotic Bureau for further investigations.

The estimated value of the Haul of Heroin arrested is around Rs.5 million it has been revealed.

Airport Customs Arrested A Duty Free Shop Worker Hiding Saudi Riyal Notes Inside His Shoes

Airport Customs officers have arrested a 30 year old
Duty Free Shop worker attached to a Duty Free Shop in Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport over hiding Rs.4.1 million worth 200 saudi Riyals valued 500 Riyals each inside his shoes at the departure lounge in Katunayake Airport last night (24).

The suspect who is a resident of Kurana,Negambo was arrested while attempting to handover the hidden Saudi Riyal notes illegally to another smuggler to smuggle them outside the country it has been revealed.

Airport Customs are conducting an investigations over the incident.

Three Youths Were Killed Due To Motorcycle Collision

Three youths were killed when the

Motorcycle they were travelling in colliding with a Tree nearby at Udubaddawa area in Dummalasuriya this morning(25) according to Police.

The accident occurred when the Motorcycle attempting to overtake another Motorcycle running in front it has been revealed.The three deceased youth were of the ages 18 and 19 years and residents of Udubaddawa.

The Post Mortems of the deceased are due to perform today at Kuliyapitiya Hospital and Dummalasuriya Police are conducting an investigation over the incident.

A Large Amount Of Acres In A Mountain Reserve Destroyed Due To A Fire

A large amount of acres around 100 acres have been

destroyed due to  a fire erupted at a mountain reserve in Wellawaya area last night (23).

Army personal arrived in  the scene this morning (24)had doused the fire completely it has been


The cause of the fire has  not yet been revealed.

Mass Rallies On US Gun Control Begins

Milk Powder Importers Were Given Permission To Increase Milk Powder Prices Per Rs.80 Per A Kilo Gramme-Infant Milk Powders Excluded

The Commitee of Cost Of Living has given approval to the local Milk Powder Companies to increase imported Milk Powder from Rs.80 per a Kilo Gramme excluding the Infant Milk Powder products , as per the requests made by local Milk Powder importers from Consumer Affairs Authority.

The local Milk Powder Importers had requested the Consumer Affairs Authority the permission to increase the prices of Imported Milk Powder due to the rising prices of Milk Powder in the World Market and after forwarding these requests to the Cost Of Living Committee it gave the  approval to the price increase yesterday(23).

The Gazette Notification regarding the price increase of imported Milk Powder due to be issued during next week according to the Authority.


A Wild Elephant Was Killed Due To An Electrocution

A wild elephant was killed due to an

electrocution at Randeniya in Wellawaya area this morning(24) according to reports.

The deceased Elephant was killed after colliding with an Electric line installed illegally it has been revealed.

The Wellawaya Police along witb Wellawaya Divisional Wild Life Office are conducting an investigation over the incidentm

Two Passangers Were Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Road Accident

Two persons have been injured and
hospitalized after the Three Wheeler they were travelling in veering off the road and toppled over to a 60 foot deep precipice at 9th post in Badulla-Passara road last evening(23).

The injured were admitted to the Badulla General Hospital for treatment.

The driver of the Three Wheeler reported as jumped out of the Three Wheele

IOC Increases Prices Of Diesal And Petrol

The Indian Oil Company (IOC) in Sri Lanka had increased their Diesal and Petrol prices from Rs.5 and Rs.9 per liter respectively with effect from midnight last night(23).

Accordingly the new price of a Lanka IOC -LP 92 Diesal Liter in IOC Oil refilling centers after the price increase will be Rs.100 per a liter of Diesal and Rs.126 per a liter of Petrol.The prices of other special varieties of fuel sell by IOC had also increased according to the authorities.

The prices of Diesal,Petrol and other varieties of Fuel have been increased due to the price of a Crude Oil barrel has been  increased up to  US Dollars 69 in the world market IOC has stated.

Due to the previous prices of Diesal and Petrol in Sri Lanka the company has incurred a loss of Rs.17  per Diesal Liter and Rs.12 per a liter of Petrol company has said.IOC is expecting a tax reduction from the government to reduce the prices that have increased since midnight last night it has been announced.

However state owned Ceylon Petroleum Corporation will not increase the Fuel prices at the moment it has been announced.

A 11 Year Old School Boy Was Killed Due To A Bicycle-Jeep Collision

A 11 year old school boy was killed
after the Bicycle he had ridden colliding with a Jeep at bogahavila area on Madawachchiya-Rathmalgahawewa main road (North Central Province)last evening(23).

The deceased had been  identified as a resident of Bogahavila in Rathmalgahawewa area.

Police have arrested the lawyer who driven the Jeep and a resident of rambakulama in Vavuniya over the incidentm


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