Tuesday, October 1, 2013

State ,Semi Government And Private Sector Employees To Launch A Strike By Demanding A Pay Hike

All the employees in State and Private sector of the country will be launched a joint  island wide strike and a protest campaign  by  the end of this month, if the government fails to give concessions to state and private sector employees including granting Rs,10,000 minimum salary increase for state sector employees and a minimum allowance of Rs.5000 for private sector employees through this years government budget the  Trade Unions Collective Of State,Semi Government and Private Sector Employee has said.

The educating of the employees in this regard will be held in two weeks time according to the one of the conveners of Trade Unions Collective Saman Ratnapriya.speaking at a press briefing held in Colombo this morning Ratnapriya has said that their Trade Unions Collective has informed the government in writing on 22nd of August this year that the  salary and allowance increments of state and private sector employees  should be given through the budget.

All Duplex Scan Tests In Vascular Lab Have Been Stopped Today (01) Due To The Absense Of The Technician

All the Duplex Scan tests  performed in Vascular Laboratory  of Colombo National Hospital to measure blood circulation system of patients have been cancelled today(01) as  only technician available in the lab was on sick leave  hospital sources said.as the scheduled scan tests were cancelled the patients who came for the scan tests today turned back home with empty hands sources revealed.

The affected Vascular Lab  is the only such lab situated in Colombo National Hospital and there should be a stand by technician in the lab if one is not reported  to work sources added.

However due to the single technician in the lab ,patients were asked to check tomorrow whether the technician is there or not before coming for the test it has been reported.meanwhile when contacted the director of National Hospital Dr.Anil Jasinha has said that he was  not aware on the situation of vascular lab as  no one brought this to his notice.

It was noticed that the room where vascular lab situated becomes a breeding place of mice according to a patient. 

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