Thursday, October 16, 2014

Unhygienic Small Eating House Owners In Colombo To Improve Their Standard Within Two Months

The Public Health Department In Colombo has decided to give two month period for around 200 unhygienic small eating houses based in Colombo City to improve their standard for the benefit of the public according to the Chief Medical Officer in Colombo Dr.Ruwan Wijemuni.

Around 35 selected owners of the unhygienic small eating houses based in Colombo City have been informed on this yesterday during a special seminar conducted for them at the Colombo Public Health Department.Owners of the other small eating houses in Colombo City will be informed on food safety and how to improve their standard withing next few weeks Dr.Wijemuni has said.

The photographing of the poor facilities in these small eating houses are still underway and these photographs will be used to show the owners on their lapses he has stressed.

Routine Eye Surgeries Have Been Cancelled In One Of The Theaters Attach To Colombo Eye Hospital

One of the Theaters attach to Sri Lanka's only government owned Eye Hospital ,The Eye Hospital in Colombo has been closed since last week due to an urgent repair work in the roof of the theater Eye Hospital Sources said.

Due to this situation all the  routine eye surgeries including Cataract Surgeries scheduled to be performed in that Theater are being  cancelled and only the urgent surgeries performs as usual the sources have reveled.The closed theater is due to be opened for surgeries
after finishing the repairs of the roof by next Monday.

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