Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Coronavirus: Window of opportunity to act, World Health Organization says

Group Of Students Who Are Under Quarantine At Diyathalawa On Corona Virus Celebrated Sri Lanka's Independence Day


Two Persons Critically Injured Due To An Accident In Puttalam

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Two persons had been critically injured and hospitalized after the Cab they were traveling in  from Nochchiyagama to Puttalam veering off the road at Siramba Adawiya area in Puttalam this noon (04).

The injured Driver and his assistant who arae residents of karamba in Palawiya area had been admitted to Puttalam Base Hospital for Treatment .The injured were transporting Coconuts at the time of the incident .

The injured Driver had been later transferred to Colombo National Hospital for further treatment .The incident occurred due to the high speed of the vehicle according to police .

"සැබෑ බැඳීමක් නම් එම බැඳීම රැක ගැනීමට ඉදිරියට ගත් පියවර කිසි විටෙකත් ආපස්සට නොගත යුතුය එකිනෙකා කෙරෙහි ඇති විශ්වාසය සෙනෙහස හා ආදරය කිසි විටෙකත් අඩු කර නොගත යුතුය .මන්ද මිත්‍රත්වය අවංක වුවන් ගේ සැබෑ ලක්‍ෂණය එය වීම නිසාය "

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There's No Room For Extremism In Sri Lanka -President Reveals During 72 nd Independent Day Celebrations

There's no room for extremism which leads to Terrorism In Sri Lanka president Gotabaya Rajapakshe has told during the 72 nd Independence Day celebrations of Sri Lanka held at Independence Square in Colombo this morning  (04).

The independence day celebrations has  been held today under the patronage of President Rajapakshe. \  Speaking at the occasion President Rajapakshe has stressed that during his term of office there  will be no political interference on  legal procedures and will be committed to accelerate the development of the country .

Consumer Affairs Authority Has Sealed The Food Store Of Caravan Fresh Bakery Chain -Seized A Stock Of Expired Ingredients

Consumer Affairs Authority had raided the main food store belonging to the Madina Food private limited at Handala ,Wattala area which owns the popular Chain of Bakery and caffe in the country "Caravan fresh ' few days ago and Seized 17.5 tonnes of expired cake /Bakery Ingredients it has been reported. 

At the time of the raid one of the workers in the store was changing the  expited labels of Imported cake /Bakery  ingradients and pasting new labels  according to the authority. 

Caravan fresh is also known as supplying varieties of Cakes and cake ingredients imported from  USA ,Dubai and Germany   to star hotels in Colombo .

The stock of Seized food  is worth around Rs.15 million authorities have stated .Consumer Affairs Authority is to file a case against Madina Food private limited   over sElling outdated  cakes and Bakery products to consumers soon .

Corona Virus -China Wildlife Trade Ban Should Be Permanent -WHO Believes Bats Might Be The Cause For Transmitting The Virus To Humans


Sri Lankan Patriotic Song SUNG BY Legendary HindI Songstress Lata Mangeshkar

Norway'a Gruelling DOG Sled Race


Honest Love And Friendship Belongs To Genuine People -Be Genuine

Second Corona Death Outside China Reported From Hong Kong As China Cases Passed 20,000



All Students Who Arrived In From Wuhan Are In Good Hethersett

All students who were brought back  to 
Sri Lanka in  a special flight from Wuhan ,China are in good health and no one in the group is suffering from even a common cold  according to the Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi.

Addressing a Media briefing held at the Health Ministry last morning (03) she has stressed that the group of students who are undergoing a quarantine process at Diyathalawa Army camp is well cared and monitored. "Now it proved the Diyathalawa Army camp is the best place for quarantine them she has said .

Minister has stated that  Due to the CoroNa virus issue  she didn't go to Switzerland to attend World Health Organization meeting where the vice president post of a committee of the Organization due to be offered to her ."Director General of Health Services Dr.Anil Jasinghe is currently attending the WHO Meeting and due to be elected to that post Minister has further added. 

It's Hard To Discover An Effective Medicine For Virus Infections -Chinese Female Recovered From. CORONA Virus Infection To Stay At Hospital Few More Days -Epidemeology Unit Director

Although the chinese female who has
been identified as the First corona virus patient  in Sri Lanka recovered fully from the illness she needs to stay at Infectious Diseases Hospital (IDH) in Angoda for few more days Untill a final report of her due to receive from overseas according to The Director of Epidemeology Unit Dr.Sudath Samaraweera.

The report due to receive is regarding the confirmation  of  no virus contains  in her  body Dr.Samaraweera has stated .

Although few other corona virus suspected cases are being admitted to IDH Hospital and few other Hospitals  authorities Believe  99 percent of them are negative he has stressed .It"s hard to discover an effective drug for virus infections these days Dr.Samaraweera has stated during a press briefing held at the Health Ministry yesterday  (03).

How Google Displayed Sri Lankan Lion Flag In Their Web page Today (04)

Another 38 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged Today (07) After Full Recovery

Another 38 Corona positives had been recovered and discharged today (07)from government Hospitals, increasing the total number of Corona...