Saturday, April 25, 2015


Government To Send A Relief Team To Kathmandu Tomorrow(25)

The Government has today(25) decided to send a relief team to Kathmandu ,Napal where the massive Earthquake has strucked  with a stock of medicine to treat those who are wounded on the quake.The relief team is consisting of Four Medical Doctors and Paramedicals and the team is due to fly Kathmandu tomorrow afternoon from a Air Force Plane according to the government.

Sri Lankans In Kathmandu -Nepal Are Not Affected From The Earthquake-Sri Lankan Embassy In Nepal

From Today's  Earthquake Site In Nepal
The Sri Lankan Embassy in Nepal has  confirmed that up to now no Sri Lankans are  among those dead and missing due to the massive earthquake that struck Nepal today(25).The Sri Lankan Embassy in the Nepali Capital Kathmandu has said that around 140 Sri Lankan Nationals including 120 Sri Lankan Students studying at the University Of Manipal in Pokahara and 20 other Sri Lankans who reside in Kathmandu are unharmed.

However the Embassy had established a hot line via the embassy for those who are seeking an information on Sri Lankans living in Nepal. the hot line  is 009779851020057.

The Foreign Ministry too quoting the Sri Lankan Embassy in Kathmandu and confirmed that all the Sri Lankans in Nepal are safe and unharmed .

The massive Earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter Scale which struck Nepal and Northern India this morning shook the south asian region by killing nearly 1000 people while more than that are believed  to be killed and missing .

A Mother And Three Children Were Drowned At Parai Wella Beach In Tangalle-Three Bodies Recovered

A mother and her three Children have been drowned in the Sea this morning  (25)off  Parai Wella Beach in Tangalle District(Southern Province) and the bodies of three out of the four victims have recovered so far according to the Police.

The victims have faced this tragic incident when they stopped at Parai Wella Beach on their way to a wedding.The mother and three children were at the beech when waves swept away the three children while they were playing at the beach.Mother too swept away when she tried to rescue her children.The bodies of the Mother and two of her children have been recovered up to now it has been reported.

Police are investigating to find out the body  of the missing child.The mother was 31 years old and her children were on the ages of 10,6 and 2 years.


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