Sunday, November 7, 2010

Government Instructed Welikada Prison Authorities To Conduct An Inquiry On The Clash

Government instructed the Welikada Prison Authorities to conduct an inquiry on the clashes occurred today between Police Officers and Prison Inmates.During the clashes around 46 Police Officers and 2 prison inmates were injured and hospitalized.

Clashes occurred after a group of prison inmates attacked the Police Officers  who came to prison with a court Warrant  to carry out a Drug Raid in the prison..

46 Police Officers Were Injured And Hospitalized After Clashed With Welikada Prison Inmates

Around 46 Police Officers  were injured and hospitalized due to Prisoners of Welikada prison attacked them while  involved in a Drug Raid Operation in the Prison this morning.Two Prisoners too hospitalized after getting injured during the clash according to the sources.

The Clash occurred after around 4000 Prisoners in the Welikada Prison were removed from their cells.Later Police Officers had control the situation.According to the Director Of The Colombo National Hospital Dr.Hector Weerasinha Police Officers Admitted to the Hospital are having injuries to their heads,chest and abdomen and medical investigations are carried out to find out whether they have any serious internal injuries.

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