Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Australian Firefighters Run As Bushfires Spreading


UNP MP Ranjan Ramanayake Was Further Remanded Untill 12 th Of February

United National Party
(UNP)Parliamentarian Ranjan Ramanayake who was arrested and remanded until yesterday  (29) had been further remanded until 12 th of February by Additional Magistrate of Gangodawila Nugegoda Hospital. H.U.K Palpola .

MP Ramanayake who was arrested by Colombo Crimes Division (CCD)over the charges of interfering the functions of Judges ,at his official Residence in Madiwela  recently had been produced before the court yesterday .

Making an open statememt at the court MP Ramanayake has stated that he will not pressurise witnesses and judges spoke to him willingly as he didn't speak to them .He has also told that he had 120,000 recorded telephone conversations with him and one electronic media channel distorted the leaked conversations and telecast them. .  

Corona Virus Deaths In China Risen To 170- Check The Full.Details Of The Epidemic


Chinese Embassy Had Already Advised Chinese Nationals In Corona Virus Affected Areas Not To Travel Sri Lanka

Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka had
recently requested all Chinese Nationals in Corona virus affected areas including Hubei province where Wuhan is the capital city to cancel or postpone their visit to Sri Lanka in view of stop spreading Chinese corona virus epidemic in Sri Lanka.

The Embassy in.Colombo had also requested the Chinese Nationals in corona virus affected areas in China who are already arrived in Sri Lanka to cancel and postpone their plans and fully corporated the Sri Lankan authorities to contain the spreading of Virus in Sri Lanka.

Chinese Embassy had fully corporsted   all Sri Lankan departments to contain the spreading of the epidemic in Sri Lanka Embassy officials have stated. 

Symptoms Of Chinese Corona Virus

Sixteen Corona Virus Suspected Cases Are Currently In IDH Hospital -Only One Positive Corona Case So Far

Sixteen suspected new Corona virus
cases are currently receiving treatment at Infectious Diseases Hospital  (IDH) in Angoda according to the latest report issued by the Epidemeology Unit today (29).

The majority of these suspected Corona virus cases are Chinese Nationals and the  blood samples of these suspected cases had been sent to Medical Research Institute in Borella for corona virus test it has been revealed .

Only one positive Corona Virus case a Chinese female had been identified from Sri Lanka upto now and the patient is currently isolated and receiving treatment at IDH Hospital.She is recovering well Hospital sources have said . 

Meanwhile although health Minister has stated that all the sri lankan students arrived in from  China  will be sent to Diyathalawa Army Base for isolated treatment, all students had left their homes after being checked at the Health unit of Katunayake International Airport.

Now Epidemeology Unit had advised them to stay indoors and not to leave outside especially  in   public areas during next two weeks.If there are suspected symptoms of Corona Virus appeared informed it to the Public health Inspector or Medical Health officer in their areas and seek immediate  teatment from the nearest Hospital EpidemeologIsts have stated .

Meanwhile Diyathalawa Army camp says no student had arrived in the camp so far as stated by the Health Ministry officials  yesterday  (28).

Health Ministry Has Fixed A Maximum Retail Price For Face Masks

Health Ministry Has today  (29 )fixed a
maximum retail price fof Disposable Face Mask /Surgical Mask and respiratory drain N-95 masks due to high prices  of these masks in the local market in view of reducing the spreading of new Corona virus in the country.

Accordingly Health  Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi had ordered to fix the prices of Non woven Disposable face  masks with the lupe or without  it as Rs.15,The non woven surgical Masks with or without the lupe as Rs.15 and N -95 special Respiratory drain Masks as  Rs.150  .

Minister has fixed the maximum retail price of Face masks under the article 142 of the National Drug Regulatory Authority act of number 05 ,2015 ,the fixing of equipment prices  .

Those traders who are selling Face masks at higher prices then the fixed prices  will be punished severely according to the Health Ministry .

Before the spreading of Corona Virus a face mask has sold in the local market for Rs.08 and now the price has  risen to Rs.50 according to sources. However in some areas a face  mask is selling at Rs.500 -1000 according to reports.

There's a shortage of these masks in the local market at present due to heavy demand it has Been  reported .

However Health Ministry is not promoting the public to wear face masks at this stage according to the Ministry.

Germany Confirms Four Cases Of Corona Virus

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