Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Accused Blood Bank Employees Given Concession

The 38 Blood Bank Employees including their Former Director who are charged with issuing Expired Blood Plasma Pherasis and A Pherasis Kits to the Government Hospitals are given another concession this time received an extra one month Period  to give Show Cause on the Charges leveled against them.But under the Law the Accused have been receiving Two Week Period for providing Show Cause for the Charges.

Earlier these Accused Blood Bank Employees only received two week period for the Show Cause but it has extended for another two weeks on their request.Later again they were allowed another One Month Period for the Show Cause which is an unusual kind of practice adapted by the Health Ministry Officials.Already the Four Employees including the Formar Blood Bank Director Dr.Mangalika Bindusara who faced a Service Ban already re instated in their formar Positions.

Petroleum,Water,Electricity And Ports Employees To Launch Work To Rule Campaign From Tomorrow

While the Government agreed for  a 22 Percent Pay Hike to be pay from Next January for the Employees of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation,Water Board,Electricity Board and the Sri Lanka Ports Authority the Trade Unions of these Institutions refused the offer and  decided to go ahead with the scheduled three day Work To Rule Campaign begin from tomorrow(11).

During the Talks held between the Join Trade Unions of the above Institutions and the Treasury Secretary Dr.P.B Jayasundara on yesterday it has been proposed a 22 Percent Pay Hike for these Employees with the effect from this November and to be pay on Next January.However the Trade Unions participated to talks are refusing it and the Talks proved to be failure at the end.The Trade Unions representing Ceylon Petroleum,Water Board,Electricity Board and Ports Authority today announced that they will launch the three day work to rule campaign from tomorrow.

New China Virus-Cases Triple As Infection Spreads Shanghai To Beijing

https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia- china-51171035