Friday, October 13, 2017


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Shifting Residents In Mountainous Areas Of Neluwa To Safe Places Has Begun Due To Landslide Threats

Disaster Management Center has informed the people
living in mountain areas of Neluwa in Galle to move to safer places due to the heavy threat of landslides in those areas.

The center has informed the public in those areas already to leave their houses and move to safer places and tri forces have already begun to shifting those living in mountain areas to safer locations it has been reported.

Disaster Management Center has also warned the public in Ehaliyagoda area in Ratnapura too on landslides due to the heavy showers.

During last 24 hours a rain fall exceeding 150 mili meters had been received by Neluwa area and a rain fall exceeding 126 mili meters received by Ehaliyagoda.

Landslide Warning Issued To Neluwa Area In Galle Due To Heavy Showers

A landslide warning has been issued to the Neluwa
area in Galle district and surrounding areas if the rain prevailing in there continues for next 24 hours according to the authorities.

The meteorology department has stated that a heavy  rain fall between 100-150 mili meters is expected in Galle,Matara,Kalutara districts and Sabaragamuwa province in next 24 hours with strong winds.

Seas around the island too will be rough due to strong winds the Department has stated.

The heavy showers prevailing in most parts in the island is expected to continue for another few days .Meanwhile a sluice gate of Kukule ganga (river)has been opened due to the rising water level of the river as a result of heavy showers prevailing in Kalutara district.




Fifteen Bus Passangers Have Been Injured Due To A Road Accident

Fifteen Bus passangers have been injured ,three of
them critically and hospitalized after the Bus they were travelling in colliding with a wall as a result  of  a brake failure of the bus at Hakurudola area on Ehaliyagoda-Hindurangola road today (13).

Three critically injured passangers have been admitted to Ratnapura General Hospital and the other twelve injured have been admitted to the Awissawella and Ehaliyagoda hospitals.

A Rail Gate-Keeper Has Died After Colliding With A Train

A 73 year old Rail gate-keeper has died after colliding
with a train at a Railway station near Anula Devi collage in Magalle ,Galle while attempting to close the rail gate.

The critically injured Rail gate-keeper had succumbed to his injuries after admission to Karapitiya Teaching Hospital

The Rail gate where the deceased had worked has been identified as an unprotected gate .

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Attorney At Law Nissanka Nanayakkare Has Been Appointed As The New Chairman Of Litro Gas

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Attorney At Law Nissanka Nanayakkare has been appointed as the new Chairman of Litro Gas Company after the former Chairman Shaleela Munasinghe has been removed from the post as a result of his involvement in transferring money of a Taiwan Bank to his personal Bank Account.

Chairman of Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation Hemaka Amarasuriya has made this appointment as per a recommendation  of Minister Of Public Enterprise Development Kabir Hasheem,Lito Gas Company is a subsidiary of the Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation

A Small Oil Leak Occurred Due To A Toppling Over Of A Oil Bowser

Image result for oil bowser sri lankaA small oil leak has been occurred in a Oil Bowser which toppled over while transporting oil from Kadugannawa to Colombo at Valamita Junction in Pahala Kadugannawa area today(13).

No one was injured due to the accident and the Oil in the toppled Bowser had been transferred to another Bowser it has been reported.

The service of the fire brigade has been also supplied to the Bowser to prevent any fire as a result of the incident.

Former President Chandrika Kumarathunge Has Been Appointed As New SLFP Organizer In Attanagalle

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Former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge has been appointed as the new Sri Lanka Freedom Party(SLFP) organizer in Attanagalle electorate (Gampaha District) by the President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday(12).

Former President Kumaratunge known as one of the  key figures laid  foundation to create the current  good governance government.

President Sirisena had appointed around 50 SLFP District organizers during a ceremony held yesterday and some senior organizers lost their posts it has been revealed.

A Tea Box Factory Was Destroyed In Orugodawatte Due To A Sudden Fire

Image result for fireA Tea Box Manufacturing Factory in Grandpass,Orugodawatte area was completely destroyed due to a sudden fire erupted there in the wee hours of this morning(13).Few houses around the factory too suffered with minor damages due to the fire .

The fire brigade in Grandpass along with the residents of the area have doused the fire it has been reported.The cause of the fire not yet been determined.


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Calls For War On Junk Food Ads As Obesity Costs Set To Rise By 60 Percent

The cost of obesity-related diseases will increase by 60 per cent in a decade in the UK, a new study forecasts, amid calls for a strict clampdown on TV advertising.

.The World Health Organisation (WHO) today said “widespread” action was needed to tackle obesity, which has seen a ten-fold rise globally since the 1970s, with one in five UK children now obese.
A coalition of Royal Colleges and health charities said junk food advertisments should be banned altogether during peak times - such as the X-Factor - as well as during children’s viewing.
The study by the Obesity Health Alliance found that junk food brands in the UK spend 27 times more on advertising than the Government does on healthy eating promotions.
In total £143 million was spent by the 18 companies spending the most advertising crisp, confectionery and sugary drinks, dwarfing the £5 million the Government’s Change4Life healthy eating campaign spends.
Cadbury’s Dairy Milk tops the spending chart, with more than £12 million, followed by Coca-Cola and Galaxy.
The calls came as figures from the World Obesity Federation show the UK is spending more than £14 billion annually treating illness caused by excess weight - such as heart disease, diabetes and liver disease.
Forecasts suggest this could rise to £22.7 billion by 2025, with 34 per cent of adults obese, compared with levels today of 27 per cent.

Globally, the report shows the US faces the biggest treatment bill, already amounting to more than £240 billion. The cost to Germany is £23.6 billion and Britain finds itself in third place.
Dairy Milk Professor Ian Caterson, the federation’s president said the scale of the epidemic was “truly alarming.”    

A new report by the WHO today calls for restrictions on promotion of junk foods, and more action to tax sugary foods.
It follows UK plans to introduce a sugar tax on fizzy drinks, which will be introduced next year.
Professor Fiona Bull, a member of the WHO working group, said: "We need to turn our concern into action - more action and more widespread action.

“The response so far has been insufficient, inadequate and not at scale.”
The report calls for action to reduce marketing of unhealthy foods.

Prof Bull said: "We are surrounded by environments which market unhealthy, high fat, high sugar, high calorie food. That's what's on the TV, that's what's promoted at bus stops, and that's what children are seeing all day, every day.


A Ukrainian Prisoner Had Been Captured After Attempting To Escape

Image result for capturedPrison Guards have fired to the air this morning(13) at Colombo Magistrate Court to capture a Ukrainian National who was brought  to produce  before the court had attempted to escape .

The suspected Ukrainian male who along with her wife have been sentenced to death over a death of a child in Kotahena area ,were brought to the Court this morning and after arrived in he had attempted to escape it has been revealed.

Airport Customs Have Arrested A 36 Year Old Businesswoman With 100,000 US Dollars

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Airport Customs officers have arrested a 36 year old Sri Lankan Businesswoman  arrived in from Chennai,India with US Dollars 100,000 in her possession at Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport early this morning(13).

The US Dollar Currency notes have been recovered stored inside her hand bag according to the Customs officers.

The female had went to India  for several times in an earlier occasions too it has been revealed.

The suspected female who is a resident of Mattakuliya area  had been arrested over carrying a large amount of US Dollars with her without informing it to the customs and the stock of US Currency notes have been  confiscated it has been revealed.She was not fined for her act it has been reported.

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