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Fresh Eruptions From Hawai Vocano

The Valuable Medal Stolen From The House Of Late Lester James Pieris Had Been Recovered

The  valuable medal belonging to the
late legendary Film maker Dr.Lester James Pieris which was stolen by someone during funeral activities at his house in Thimbirigasyaya(Colombo) on last Wednesday(02) has been recovered this morning(05) at a goods container in 177 route Kaduwela -Colpetty bus in Colpetty area according to the Police Media Spokesman Ruwan Gunasekare.

However no arrests were made in this regard so far it has been revealed.The investigations carried out over the lost medal had been handed over to the Colombo Crimes Division yesterday(04) and the officers of the division had collected evidence from around 15 persons according to sources.
The lost medal of the Dr.Lester James Pieris  is a life time achievement medal received with the Golden Peacock Award he had won in 1965 at the International Film Festival in New Delhi, India .But he had received the medal many years after the Award.

Investigations to arrest the robbers of the medal continues.


Chairmans And Board Of Directors Attached To The All Institutions Of Media Ministry Were Instructed To Resign

Minister Of Finance and Media
Mangala Samaraweera has instructed all the Chairmans and Board Of Directors attached to the Instotutions belongs to the Ministey of Media to resign from their posts with immediatte effect it has been reported.

The instructions made to pave the way to appoint new heads to these institutions.However the Director Of Government Information is not affected by this it has been announced.

President Has Ordered Authorities To Demolish And Remove 18 Unauthorized Tourist Hotels In Mirissa

President Maithripala Sirisena has  instructed the Director General of the Coastal Conversation Department to demolish  and remove 18 unauthorized Tourist Hotels situated within 300 meters of land from the sea area in tourist attracted Mirissa coast (Southern Province) with immediatte effect.

Accordingly these unauthorized Hotels due to be removed within next week the Police have stated.

These unauthorized Tourist Hotels are illegal constructions as building constructions within 300 meter land area from the sea has been banned in Sri Lanka.

A Dutch female tourist was sexually molested by a group of persons located in Mirissa Coast recently and there were reports that these illegal constructions too caused most of the harrasments experienced by tourists in Mirissa sea coast.

Eighteen Higher Police Officers Have Been Transferred With Immediatte Effect

Eighteen higher Police Officers including Seventeen Assistant Superintendent Of Police(ASP) and a Superintendent of Police(SP)
have been transferred with immediatte effect as per  service requirements according to the Police Media Spokesman's office.

The ASP's and SP's attached to the Terrorism Investigations Division,Police Welfare Division ,Presidents Security and several Police divisions in Anuradhapura, Galle,Vavuniya,Ampara and Matara are among those transferred.

These transfers were approved by the National Police Commission as per the recommendation of Inspector General Of Police.

Sea Erosion In Dodanduwa Area In Southern Province Caused Damages To Some Tourist Hotels

Due to the strong winds and  rough sea waves occurrs   in Southern  sea coastal  area these days , sea erosion in  Dodanduwa coast (Southern Province) is on the increae according to the reports.

Due to this situation a 15 meter long  short  boulder stretch at the fisheries harbour in kumarakanda ,Dodanduwa  has been damaged and  some boulders have been drifted away by the strong  sea  waves it has been revealed.

some tourist hotels in Patuwana, Dodanduwa have been  also damaged as a result .

Four Persons Were Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Lorry-Van Collision

Four persons were injured two of them

critically and hospitalized due to a Lorry-Army Lorry-Van collision near Parakarama Collage at Irattaperiyakulam in Vavuniya last evening(04)

The injured including the driver and his assistant of a Lorry and two others in a Van were admitted to the Vavuniya Hospital for treatment..

The accident occurred when the Police traffic unit officers stopped a Van to inspect it and during the inspection a Lorry arrived from one end colliding with a Army Lorry arrived in from.the opposite direction while attempting to pass the parked Van it has been revealed.

Itattaperiyakulam Police are conducting an investigation over the incident.

Four Indian Nationals Were Arrested With Gold Biscuits Weighing 1.66 KG

Airport Customs officers have arrested
four Indian Nationals while attempting to smuggle a stock of Gold Biscuits weighing 1.66 Kilo Grammes in to Sri Lanka  at the Katunayake Airport yezterday(03)

The four Indian Sispects have hidden the stock of Gold biscuits within their cloths itas been revealekd.The stock of Gold Biscuits have been confiscated by the authorities and the four Indian nationals who brought them were released on Rs.500,000 bail.

Airport Customs are conducting an investigation over the incident.

A Person Attached To A Duty Free Shopping Comptlex In Katunayake Was Arrested With A Stock Of Gold

Airport Customs officers have arrested
a person attached to the Duty Free Shopping Complex in Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport this evening (04) while attempting to hand over a stock of Gold weighing 7 Kilo Grammes and 200 Grammes to two Indian Nationals.

The suspect who had hidden the stock of Gold in his stomach was arrested while he attempted to hand over it to the Two Indian nationals at tbe passanger terminal  of the Airport

The estimated value of the stock of Gold  taken in to custody in possession of the suspect  is more than Rs.50 million according to Customs.Airport Customs are currently investigating on the incident.


A New Peanut Allergy Blood Test Developed



Mount Kilauea: Hawaii emergency declared over volcano eruption


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Around 53 Females Who Stayed In Lebanon Without Visas Brought Back Home

Image result for katunayake airportAround 53 Sri Lankan female workers who had went to  Lebanon in search of an Employment  as House Maids and stayed there without valid visas have returned to the country today(04).

The group of females had arrived in the Country during the pardon period announced by the Lebanese Government.

The returned females were brought back to the country by the Sri Lankan Embassy in Lebanese Capital Beirut along with the Foreign Employment Bureau.The Foreign Employment Bureau officials had taken steps to send the  females returned from Lebanon to their homes after arriving  in Sri Lanka.

A Motorcylcist Was Killed Due To Motorcycle-Lorry Collison

Image result for accident
A 18 year old Motorcyclist  was killed after the Motorcycle he was riding colliding with a Lorry near the Wellawaya Deport  in Wellawaya-Thanamalwila road yesterday(03).

The deceased was identified as a resident of Ethiliwewa area in Wellawaya.

Wellawaya Police have arrested the Lorry driver regarding the accident.The Police are conducting an investigation over the incident.

A Large Stock Of Hidden Explosives Have Been Recovered From Mulathivu

Image result for ltte hidden explosives
The Special Police Task Force Personal had yesterday (04) recovered a large stock of explosives hidden in Ilangopuram area at Vishwamadu in Mulathivu,believes to be belonging to LTTE according to the reports.

The stock of explosives recovered ,believed to be the largest ever recovered from the formerly LTTE Controlled area of  Pudukudiiruppu  in Mulathvu ,includes 736 -60 Mili Meter Motar Am munitions,Two RPG Firearms , 80 Anti Motar Am munitions,06 Hand Grenades .A T-82 Type Hand Grenade .

The search operations have been carried out under the court order received from Mulathivu Magistrate Court.The stock of recovered explosives is due to be defused by the Special Task Force Personal under a court order of Mulathivu Magistrate.

Prices Of All Milk Powder Prodcuts Excluding Infant Milk Powder Due To Be Increased From Midnight Tonight(04)

Image result for milk powderPrices of All Milk Powder Products excluding Infant Milk Powders which are manufacturing from tomorrow (05) will be increased with effect from midnight tonight (04) according to the sources.

Accordingly  the Price of a 400 Gramme Milk Powder Pack will be increased from Rs.20 and the Price of a 1 Kilo Gramme Milk Powder Pack and Tin will be increased from Rs.50.

The Consumer Affairs Authority had given approval for the Price increase it has been revealed.

The Approval had been given to increase the Prices of Milk Powder after the local Milk Powder importers have stopped importing Milk Powder Products to Sri Lanka due to the high costs they have to spend following the increase of a Dollar against the Sri Lankan Rupee.

How migration gave Europeans the migraine gene



While going along, remember this song of mine
Never say farewell
Never say farewell

Crying or laughing, keep humming like this
Never say farewell
Lets you and me get lost somewhere while making love
Lets sleep in the arms of these flowers after getting tired

Keep decorating my dreams just like this
Never say farewell
O my Love, If we ever get parted from each other in the middle of a path
And you will find that the path of life is more lonely
If you keep calling me like this, I will come back

Never say farewell
Never say farewell

The Chief Of Staff Of President And Timber Corporation Chairman Arrested Over Accepting A Bribe Have Been Remanded

Image result for remandedThe Chief Of Staff of the Presidential Secretariat Dr.I.H.K Mahanama and the Chairman of the State Timber Corporation P.Dissanayake who were arrested by the Bribery Commission officials yesterday (03) while accepting a advance of a Bribe money worth Rs.20 million from an Indian investor at a Cr park of a one of the luxurious hotels in Colombo have been remanded until 09th of May by the Colombo Chief Magistrate Lal Ranasinghe Bandara last night(03).
The suspects were produced before the Chief Magistrate last night by the Bribery Commission officials and requested the Magistrate to remand them until the inquiry against their act has been concluded .
The two suspects have been arrested while accepting Rs,20 million out of Rs.100 million requested from an Indian Investor who is keen to get a land to construct a Sugar Factory in Sri Lanka ,for releasing a land to him it has been revealed.
The Chief Magistrate had instructed the Bribery Commission officials to produce a report on  progress of the inquiry conducting on the incident on  09th of May.

President Maithripala Sirisena had advised the authorities to suspend the both officers from their posts soon after they have been arrested.


ABBA’s Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson reveals even MORE music could be released for their reunion

Image result for abba reunion

US Hits A Record Corona Cases And Hospitalizations