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A Large Number Of Persons Dying Annually Due To Poisioning Of Antibiotics Than Those Dying From Cancers

Globally a large number of persons dying annually
due to poisioning of Antibiotic drugs than those dying due to cancers according to the Microbiologist Dr.Kusalani Jayalath.

Even in Sri Lanka a large number of patients admitted to hospitals due to taking Antibiotics without a doctor's prescription and some of these cases are fatal she has stressed while addressing a media briefing held today (29) at Health Education Bureau on 'Antibiotic Resistance".

People must realize that Antibiotics  should be used according to a prescription of a recognized doctor and Antibiotcs are only prescribed for bacterial infections not the viral infections including common,cold,cough and fever she has stated.

Addressing the media briefing Consultant Physician Dr.Priyankara Jayawardena has said that Doctors are the only ones who can prescribe Antibiotics to a patient and unfortunatly a large number of pharmacists especially in  private pharmacies are trying to recommend the patients what kind of Antibiotic they should purchase .

"If a pharmacist recomends Antibiotic to a patient it is illegal and in such circumstances the licence of that pharmacist is liable to be cancelled Dr.Jayawardena has stressed.

Health Ministry Is Ready To Face The Doctor's Strike-Health Minister

The Ministry of Health is ready to face the island wide
one day strike due to be launched by doctors tomorrow (30)according to the Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne.

Health Ministry will take measures to minimize the effects of the strike to the public the Minister has stressed .


Eight Catagories Belonging To Para Medical Service To Launch An Island Wide Token Strike Tomorrow (30)

Eight catagories belonging to para medical service are due to launch an Island Wide one day token strike
from 8 a.m tomorrow (30) to 8.a.m next day (01) by demanding solutions for five of their service demands according to the Joint Trade Union Alliance Of Para Medical Services.

Eight Catagories belonging to the para medical service including Government entamalogy officers,public health inspectors ,EEG/ECG  Technicians and public health laboratory technicians will be participating in  this strike according to the media spokesman of the Joint Trade Union Alliance Najith Sumanasena.

A group of strikers are due to conduct a protest campaign in front of the Ministry Of Health,Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine in Colombo tomorrow noon he has stressed.

The eight para medical services personal are due to launch the island wide token strike tomorrow by demanding solutions to five of their service demands including stop providing sceintific facts belonging to their diploma courses for other catagories and stop recruiting dispensers for the para medical service.

Joint Opposition Opposed The Rs.100,000 Monthly Allowance Scheduled To Be Granted To MP'S

The spokesman of the Joint Opposition Group MP
Bandula Gunawardena has today (29) stated that their group completely against provision of Rs.100,000 monthly allowance to all MP's approved by the Cabinet.

The move was against the current government's  principles of good governance  MP Gunawardena has stressed.

Cabinet Approved Proposals To Provide Rs.100,000 Monthly Allowance For MP's And Increase Daily Attendance Allowance

The Cabinet has today (29)approved two proposals
submitted by Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Mass Media Gayantha Karunathilake to provide a  monthly allowance of Rs.100,000 for all MP'S and to increase the daily attendance allowance to Rs.2500 it has been reported.

Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe has stated in Parliament yesterday (28) that he proposed to grant  Rs.100,000 allowance for all MP's to carry out their activities in electorates.

Cat Yoga: The Mewest Exercise Trend

Police Used Tear Gas And Water Canons To Disperse Protest March Of University Students

අදාළ රූපයPolice have used tear gas and water canons to disperse the protest march of two university student groups due to blocking the main parliament road short while ago it has been reported.

Earlier Police have advised the motorists to avoid the parliamentary road from rajagiriya to battaramulle  due to heavy traffic prevails in there as a result of the protest march.Motorists are advise to use an alternative routes to travel.

Government Doctors And Dental Surgeons To Launch an Island Wide Token Strike Tomorrow(30)

sri lanka government doctors සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලMedical Doctors and Dental Surgeons attached to government hospitals are due to launch an island wide  token strike from 08 a.m tomorrow(30) to 8 .am next day(01) by opposing the government's annual budget proposals-2017 and giving recognition to Malabe Private Medical Collage according to Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) and Government Dental Surgeons Association (GDSA).

During the strike period emergency services will be maintained as usual the two Doctors Trade Unions have announced.

Borella De Soyza Maternity ,Castle Street Maternity,Lady Ridgway Children's ,Peradeniya Sirimawo Bandaranaike Children's and Maharagama Apeksha Hospitals are excluded from tomorrow's strike the GMOA has stated.,


අදාළ රූපය

 අදාළ රූපය

 අදාළ රූපය

Around 16.3% Of 2-19 Years Age Group in Sri Lanka Is Obese

obesity සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලAround 16.3%  of the children and adolescents belonging to 2-19 years age group in Sri Lanka is obese according to the Director of National Poisonous information Center in Colombo National Hospital and Consultant Physician Dr.Waruna Gunathilake.

Addressing a Media Seminar held at Health Education Bureau in Colombo this morning Dr.Gunathilake has stressed that the Obesity among st all age groups in the country is on the increase due to factors like bad food habits and Lack of exercise .

If a female's waist size is 35 inches or more and male's waist size is 40 inches or more than she/he  prone to obesity Dr.Gunathialke has stated.

People should avoid instant junk food and consume a nutritious meal  which includes vegetables,fruits,green leaves and cereals,restricting the consuming of  oil foods and have a good daily exercise to avoid obesity which can lead deadly diseases like Heart diseases,Type two Diabetes ,High Blood Preassure,High Cholesterol,Asthma and Cancers he has stressed.


obesity and skin diseases සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලObesity is a growing epidemic affecting millions worldwide. It has numerous effects on various systems of the body leading to physiological changes that may cause the development of diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, high blood cholesterol and type 2 diabetes.
Obesity also raises the risk of fatty liver disease, gall bladder disease, osteoarthritis and certain cancers. It is estimated that the cost of treating obesity related diseases contributes 2–7% of total national health care costs in developed countries.

Obesity is related to a number of effects on skin health as well. Obesity affects the skin barrier function, workings of the sebaceous glands and sebum production that keeps the skin moisturized and supple, sweat glands, small lymph channels under the skin, collagen structure and function, wound healing, small blood vessels under the skin, and subcutaneous fat.

Effects of obesity on the skin

  • Effects on skin barrier function

    Obesity increases water loss across the skin to a great extent. In morbidly obese patients skin is significantly dry and skin repair after wounds is impaired.
  • Sebaceous glands and sebum production

    Sebum plays a major role in acne development. It is an oily substance that is produced to keep the skin moisturized and supple. Acne occurs when the sebaceous channels are blocked and infected. Acne is clearly exacerbated by obesity-associated disorders.

    • In obese individuals androgens (male hormones), insulin, growth hormone, and insulin like growth factors are raised. These are all known risk factors for acne.
    • Sweat glands

      Obese patients have larger skin folds and tend to sweat more profusely due to thick layers of subcutaneous fat.
    • Lymph channels

      Obesity impede or slow lymphatic flow. This leads to collection of protein-rich lymphatic fluid in the subcutaneous tissue. This is called lymphedema.
    • Blood vessels of the skin

      Obesity changes blood circulation of the skin leading to obesity-related microangiopathy and hypertension. Blood flow in the skin is increased in obese individuals.
    • Skin diseases aggravated by obesity

      Some skin diseases are aggravated by obesity and overweight. These include:-
    • lymphedema
    • psoriasis
    • chronic venous insufficiency
    • insulin resistance syndrome
    • cellulite
    • skin infections including fungal infections
    • plantar hyperkeratosis
    • hidradenitis suppurativa
    • tophaceous gout
    • intertrigo

Colombo Additional Magistrate Turned Down The Request Made By Welikada Police To Issue A Stay Order Agsinst Student Protest

protest clipart සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵල
Colombo Additional Magistrate has today(29) turned down the request made by Welikada Police to issue a stay order to prevent the protest march organized by Inter University Students Federation(IUSUF) and Colombo Medical Faculty Students Federation by opposing the budget proposals-2017 and SATIM (Private Medical Collage in Malabe)entering the high security zone near the Parliamentary Complex.

After refused to issue a stay order  the Colombo Additional Magistrate Chandana Kalansuriya has instructed the Police to take necessary  action if the protestors disturbed peace.

Former Eastern Commander Of LTTE And Deputy Minister Karuna Amman Has Been Arrested And Remanded

karuna amman සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලThe former Eastern Commander of LTTE and Deputy Minister Vinayagamurthi Muralitharan alias Karuna Amman has been arrested this morning by the Police Financial Crimes Investigations Division (FCID) over misusing state owned vehicle while he was a Deputy Minister in the  previous government.

After being produced before the Colombo Chief Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya this noon Karuna Amman has been remanded until 07th of December.

The former Eastern Commander of  LTTE  and Deputy Minister was arrested by the FCID this morning after questioned him  several hours over the misuse of a state owned vehicle.


French Bus Driver Dies Over Face Mask Attack

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